On Jan. 29 at 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EST, Bart Findley and Andy Brownell will be co-hosting a free webinar revealing the secrets of using CRM to boost your sales efficiency and reduce marketing costs. 

Bart Findley is a senior CRM expert and Andy Brownell is both the CEO of LeadMaster, Inc. and a marketing and business development professional. These two thought leaders, who are part of the Revenue Generation Leadership Forum of BizDev360.org, will be discussing the key components of implementing CRM for a more efficient sales process that drives marketing costs down and increases revenue.

Why Do You Need to Be Concerned About Your CRM Implementation?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Customers are essential, and your business can’t thrive without them. As accurate as that may be, finding qualified customers who are ready to buy what you’re offering is not an easy task. First, you have to set up marketing channels to capture leads. Then, you face another challenge: developing and maintaining a strong relationship with your prospects until they make a purchase. And it doesn’t end there. 

It’s much easier to sell to an existing customer than to persuade a new customer to make their first purchase. Therefore, you have to maintain constant contact with both new and current customers using software tools to boost your sales. However, not all CRM software applications are created equal, and not all business and marketing managers know how to choose the right CRM software and use its full capabilities. The right CRM software will handle:

  • Effective contact management
  • Tracking interactions
  • Scheduling reminders
  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnel monitoring

If you’re looking to implement an effective CRM strategy or reconfigure your current system for greater efficiency, this focused webinar is just what your business needs.

Who Will Be Speaking and Why Should You Listen?

This webinar is co-hosted by two speakers: Andy Brownell and Bart Findley. Andy Brownell is the current CEO of LeadMaster, Inc., and has had a rich and eventful career working in sales, marketing and management since 1980. His specialties include finance, marketing, business development, project management and strategic planning. Brownell has also served in major corporations such as Apple Computer, Compaq Computer and Digital Equipment Corporation. 

For the last ten years, Brownell worked at LeadMaster, first as Chief Marketing Officer and then as CEO to develop plans that have helped achieve corporate goals and reach sales targets. He also works with the tech team at LeadMaster to optimize the company’s user experience.

Bart Findley is currently a senior consultant working with LeadMaster, Inc. He’s a proven self-starter with over 27 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, lead generation, customer service, information technology and technical support. He has produced consistent growth in sales revenue and profit while increasing the customer base every year. 

How to Register for the Sales Efficiency Webinar

Registering for this webinar is simple. The event is free, so you can join the hosts, the panel of experts and senior-level industry peers by registering here now. Come and learn how to incorporate the right CRM strategy into your business to achieve better sales efficiency and reduce your management costs, all while offering your customers a more satisfying experience.