Odoo ERP: Amazing Business Applications that SNAP Together


Odoo & LeadMaster Solutions Team
will help you to implement your unified
business platform.

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Unlock the full potential of Odoo by embracing the power of open-source software.

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Team up with LeadMaster Solutions Group, an Odoo Premier Partner. Our Odoo-trained consultants, business analysts, and developers work together to shape your vision and processes into an end-to-end Odoo solution.


Discover & Plan

Our analysts collaborate, ensuring a clear understanding of your current issues and future requirements. Together, we identify areas of improved efficiency and generate a project plan, making you an integral part of the solution.



Odoo, out of the box,is a great start, but our team will apply the necessary customizations and workflows tailored specifically to your business, making you feel uniquely catered to.


Implement and Integrate

The project plan will help us apply a systematic approach to configuring and deploying your Odoo software applications in phases that make sense to meet your goals. This phase also includes the final migration and testing of your data, and will connect your systems to the Odoo platform for a seamless business solution.


Support & Training

Experience our thoughtfully conducted post-implementation training to ensure the lowest likelihood of lost productivity. LeadMaster will be your support arm, in fact, your team will know us by first name and have multiple ways to reach us.

All Business, Single Platform

Introducing Odoo:

Your ultimate Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Odoo is waiting for you to unlock your full potential. Reach new heights for your company with efficient operations and unmatched performance. LeadMaster Solutions Group can help you grow your business.

Odoo Scales to Business

Snap-on architecture. Add and remove applications. Customize theĀ  sofware based on unique business requirements.

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3rd Party Integrations

Odoo provides tools to integrate third-party software. Add your favorite platforms, incluiding shopping carts and payment gateways.

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Certified Odoo Consultant Team

Partner with us as your Odoo consultants. Our network of consultants has direct access to our support team. This insures effective communications during implementations with minimal issues.

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What are you waiting for?

Make your cloud ERP journey a success by adopting a modular solution.

Upgrade your ERP to a cloud solution that’s custom-built for you.

Elevate your business with Odoo

Odoo combines open-source ERP, CRM, and 2000 other applications into one package

Customer Support SuiteMaster

Maximize the possibilities for expansion

Lead your industry. Innovate your business. Drive profitable growth. Use Odoo

Envision having access to an entire collection of business applications.
Do you have anything else to add? there is an app for it!
Installing with only one click requires no effort or expense.

Every app increases user empowerment and streamlines a process.
Just picture the effect when everyone has the ideal tool for the job, seamlessly integrated.

Expand your business with ease by switching from product-based to service-based. Dynamically respond to changes based on real-time customer experience data. You can take advantage of proven business processes within your industry.

You can quickly gain insight into your business operations.
With intelligent automation, you can continuously improve margins across your operations, and get your business where it needs to be.


An easy-to-useĀ  design

You data with you all the time

Ā Integration with other systems

Start today effortlessly managing your data hurdles

Improve your business with our software specially designed to evolve with your business.

With LeadMaster Solutions Group as our Odoo partner.