White Label CRM Services

White Label CRM

For cultivating and maintaining the best business relationships, customer relationship management (CRM) software is an essential. CRM software allows you to better connect with people, whether they’re new prospects or long-time customers, in order to effectively grow your business.

Over more than 20 years, LeadMaster has been developing CRM software to offer all of the most current and effective tools and help your company build the best sales and marketing solutions and grow your customer base. With our white label service, we offer customers a solution that provides complete control without starting from scratch.

What Is White Label CRM Service?

A white label service is where one company makes a product and another sells that product, typically without branding. With our white label CRM service, you can buy our software and resell it with your own branding, easily offering it to your clients. Rather than spending the time to build your own software solution, you can speed up the process by using our market-tested and reliable CRM software.

Partner With Us for the Best White Label CRM Service

If you want to increase sales and streamline your customer management process, partner with LeadMaster for the best white label CRM service. Our all-in-one sales and marketing tool is designed for real-world usability and can meet the needs of any business.

We also offer a free consulting partners program that includes a sandbox and training. We’ll provide you with a dedicated partner manager, co-marketing materials and opportunities, product discounts, priority support and even referral bonuses. You can also choose exactly how you’d like us to support you. For instance:

  • You can sell and support the clients directly.
  • LeadMaster can support the clients after you sell.
  • You can refer business and let LeadMaster sell and provide client support.

It’s up to you. You can create your own combination of any of the above, too.

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