SuiteMaster – Project Management

Clear Operational Oversight

The success of each business project is measured through thoughtful planning and using a solid project software system. Integrating project management with both the CRM and accounting modules becomes critical as it allows teams to organize, track, andĀ  measure profitability. In other words, managers need the ability to compare performance against established budgets.

SuiteMaster allows you to manage tasks and projects without any limitations.
It can handling sub-projects on multiple levels. It also handles tracking tasks, sending e-mail notifications to customers, and scheduling and prioritizing tasks and deadlines.Ā 

– Project Creation

–Ā  Project Work Area

– Defining Project BaselinesĀ 

– Project Scheduling

– Project Assignments

– ProjectĀ  Billing

– Project Advanced Reporting


SuiteMaster’s Project Manager
A Core Application Component.

SuiteMaster’s project management application integrates with all SuiteMaster apps right out of the box. People, processes, and technology are brought together to provide real-time insights to innovate and execute dynamically.

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