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Having solid Odoo product expertise and a comprehensive implementation plan ensures client success. Regardless of how intuitive an application prevents itself, setting it up correctly and training your teams on how to properly leverage the tool it will ensure that it meets all the requirements for the organization.

LeadMaster/Odoo Consultants are responsible for supporting your company during all stages of implementation: defining overall needs, configuring the software, migrating data, training users, and providing support. We are here to help you maximize your success through our experienced consultants.

Our consultants have a broad experience such as

High communication and interpersonal skills

Odoo Technical and functional skills

A logical approach to problem solving and analyzing

Excellent customer service skills

How to choose the best consultant for your business:

LeadMaster Solutions Group has been helping companies since 1998 with both CRM and ERP implementations. As a premier Odoo business partner we employ outstanding project managers that thoughtfully implement the full suite of Odoo software components. We train users, and provide rigorous and responsive customer support.

Exlore a world of endless possibilities

Project Management

Technical Knowledge 


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