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Use client relationship software to your advantage. In spite of your best call agents, how many prospects and customers are placed in a “dead” file every year? In order for your call agents to close deals easily, they need a solution that provides them with advanced CRM tools. Discover and close qualified leads using LeadMaster CRM for call centers and nurture those that need extra nurturing.

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No Training Headaches

You need a solution for your call center and/or inside sales. Ideally, the system should be easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, and packed with powerful business automation features that let your call agents focus on selling. There can be no compromise when it comes to your call center agents. Imagine your inside calling team is armed with tools they need that are easy to learn in less than a day. It’s hard to imagine a call center solution that is easy to use – and that will never let you down.

Affordable & No Annual Contracts

In contrast to most Call Center CRM and Lead Management systems, LeadMaster does not require you to sign lengthy contracts or pay for costly software that is constantly updated. Billing is done on a monthly basis, and the whole system is hosted in the cloud. You no longer have to worry about how much of your budget goes to CRM. You’ll only be thinking about how LeadMaster CRM has significantly increased your ROI and cut down on the number of man-hours required to close a deal. 

LeadMaster’s Smart Queues Improves Productivity

Reduces training time – simply enter the ‘Smart Queue’, click on the button and the most important lead appears

Eliminates the need for manually scheduling callbacks when prospects aren’t reached

Combine call dispositions, workflows, and Smart Queues to automate business process

Improve productivity – as soon as the current prospect is dispositioned the next prospect in the Smart Queue appears

LeadMaster and the Smart Queues are integrated with a variety of cloud dialing solutions providing cost-effective click-to-call and power dialing

In a world of increased competition, companies need to ensure that every selling hour is made as efficient as possible for their call teams. Smart Queues is just another feature within LeadMaster that helps focus on opportunities that have the best chance of converting into customers.


Integrated Telephony Solutions

Leadmaster is integrated with many VoIP providers, VoIP provides you with the latest in digital telephony.

  • A Click Dialer digital softphone makes phone numbers live links. Simply click on any phone number in LeadMaster and your digital softphone automatically dials the number. This enhancement is a great productivity booster.
  • Record Conversations – Record your conversations onto your hard drive or web storage like Google Drive.
  • Place Calls on Hold – Your customers don’t want to hear your discussions with colleagues.
  • 3-way call transfer
  • Call monitoring & Coaching including barge in and whisper mode
  • You can get a complete phone switch in the cloud for both inbound and outbound calling – including IVR and sophisticated call routing.

Until recently, only big businesses could afford to deploy complete Call Center CRM systems. With LeadMaster you can now get a cost-effective solution that will manage your calling teams, sales, marketing, and customer service processes. This will save you money and help you make more profit.



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