Marketing AutomationMarketing automation has been on the rise over the past decade, but some companies are reluctant to embrace this new standard in marketing strategy. Some businesses may feel that cold calls and personalized emails are more likely to convert leads. However, manual methods of lead engagement has proven to be less efficient and more time-consuming than investing in a savvy automated marketing strategy.

Automated marketing software automatically gathers and segments leads as well as helps companies determine how to prioritize certain leads over others. Marketing automation typically accomplishes these tasks using innovative AI tracking and data mining methods,

Automation is especially conducive to driving sales. Since target audiences visit online platforms exponentially more than any others, sales teams need effective online marketing strategies. A large part of this effectiveness comes from choosing the right marketing automation strategies.

Marketing automation done right leads to increased sales and long-term customer retention. Here’s how to implement automation software to boost sales for your business.

How to Increase Sales With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation takes a great deal of the work out of a sales team’s marketing process. As a result, some businesses may wonder if it eliminates too much of the human element from marketing.

It’s true that implementing automated marketing strategies results in fewer hands on deck during the lead generation and management process. On the other hand, most automated marketing software can find leads among your target audience and sort those leads for you based on their likelihood of conversion — saving you time and effort.

Today’s marketing automation software is incredibly efficient and has a high capacity for data processing. It can quickly glean data from users to form the buyer personas most likely to purchase a company’s product or service. It can sort, track and prioritize those leads according to the strongest leads backed by data evidence.

With today’s advancing AI capabilities, here are a few of the main ways that businesses harness this opportunity to increase sales through automation:

  • AI chatbots: Chatbots can take a substantial portion of the busywork out of basic customer service functions, such as directing homepage visitors to specific resources and answering customer questions. Chatbots save sales personnel time and help narrow down customer needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Lead tracking and management: Today’s marketing automation software can help track your leads’ activity on your site, including the questions they ask AI chatbots. Marketing automation enables businesses to observe current and potential customers’ activity and learn their behaviors and buying preferences — essential factors when it comes to landing sales.
  • Understanding your customers: Sales automation helps sales teams create accurate customer profiles based on several factors. Businesses can store customer data with the help of AI algorithms, and they can save data from metrics like chatbot conversations, calls and purchase details for future analysis. The better a business knows its customers, the more equipped it is to increase sales.

Marketing automation makes keeping up with customers much easier. Once you’ve picked up strong leads, you need to continue to nurture those relationships by maintaining an open line of communication. But doing so doesn’t necessarily mean cold calling every time you come out with a new product or service.

With marketing automation, you can easily keep current and potential customers in the loop about what your company is doing through automated sales tactics. Some examples include automated marketing emails, occasional social media messaging and more personalized sales experiences based on customer data. Don’t ignore leads once they become conversions — nurturing leads at every buying stage can turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers.

Automation Software Helps Sales Teams

With sales and marketing technology rapidly advancing, businesses need to invest in high-quality automation software to stay ahead of the curve. If you don’t already have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that includes advanced automation capabilities, it’s a good idea to switch CRMs or add compatible automation software to your current system. Marketing automation software will save your business both time and resources while increasing your sales and overall return on investment (ROI).

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