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Innovate Your Healthcare Business

The healthcare business is constantly shifting. Private practice, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and medical device makers must keep ahead of these developments in order maintain competitiveness.

Worldwide healthcare alongside related business spending is estimated to surpass $8 trillion by the end of the year. Individual companies must now offer value-added products and services. This is a significant change from previous models of treatment, which were more focused on volume.

A consumer-based approach is increasingly driving modern healthcare. Organizations must be cautious when it comes to managing sales opportunities and patient care interactions.

Implementing good healthcare software solutions is an essential factor in cost-effective patient engagement. LeadMaster Solution Group provides unique solutions to ensure your company’s continued success in the healthcare sector.

Odoo ERP  Software for Healthcare 

We’ve developed a system that remedies the most complicated challenges in healthcare.
Our applications will help you to capture, manage, distribute and track your business ‚ÄĒ all while reducing your costs.

Business Inquiries: All inquiries are automatically, tracked and  ROI is measured.

Marketing Automation: A complete rules driven marketing suite.

Closed-Loop Reporting:   Real-time charts and reports with complete transparency.

Business Rules and Workflow: Customized automation that reflects the way you do business..

Track Effectiveness: Productivity and ROI measurements are embedded into each Healthcare Application.

Healthcare Revenues

How healthy is your sales, operations, and marketing process? Pun intended. With our custom and cloud-based applications for healthcare,
we provide the tools your company needs to build relationships with prospects and maintain existing customers.

Make informed marketing and sales decisions based on real-time information. Measurement and track patient engagement across the channels
and sources that make the most sense for your organization.

The results are faster, more targeted communications in support of the type of humane interactions that today’s leading healthcare organizations
strive to deliver. For strong ROI,  our healthcare solutions are the proven way to go.

LeadMaster Solutions Group Software Includes:

Quick Setup

Implementation is a snap. We will have you quickly up and running. We’ll also teach you how to use.¬†

Competitive Rates

We charge a low per/user/month fee. We’ll ensure that it meets budget.


Our web-based applications are compatible with hundreds of 3rd party systems.

Scalable Build

LeadMaster Solutions Group applications scale to your company’s changing needs.

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We believe in keeping it simple. Our healthcare applications have an intuitive design. They will make it simple for your internal teams to work together.