LeadMaster CRM Landing Pages

With Just a Few Clicks of the Mouse You Can Create Landing Pages
that Send the Form Data Directly to Your LeadMaster Database.
Use LeadMaster’s Preconfigured Teamplates – just add content.
No Technical Skills Required!
Don’t like our templates? No problem, we’ll create the page for you!

Whether you are Advertising Online, Hosting a Webinar or Sending a Marketing Newsletter the LeadMaster Integrated Landing Pages Feature Will Help Land More Customers

Now it’s a snap to create professional web inquiry pages with the sample templates pre-loaded into the Landing Page feature. Customizing the Landing Page template is quick and easy. Just add the message content on the template and the Landing Page is ready. All of the Landing Pages are hosted on LeadMaster servers, so you don’t need to have a web server to host your landing page advertising.

LeadMaster landing pages are hosted on LeadMaster servers which means the landing pages will appear with a LeadMaster white label URL. For example – https://solutions.crmtool.net/7349/SAMPLE.htm However it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have the page hosted on a LeadMaster server but have it appear as though it’s hosted in your domain. Click here to find out how to create a vanity URL.

Increase Customer Engagment & Conversions

The Landing Page templates are designed with several fields that automatically flow into the your database: company, contact, phone, email etc. When the user clicks ‘submit’ on the landing page, the information on the form is automatically sent to the your LeadMaster database. Best of all, no database expert is required. Adding and subtracting fields takes only a few clicks of the mouse.

AB testing is also easy. Just make a copy of the existing Landing Page with a couple of clicks of the mouse and make the adjustment that is being tested. LeadMaster Marketing reports help to determine the most effective variation.

Landing Pages can instantly be made active or inactive. An inactive Landing Page will not be displayed when the URL is entered into a browser. When a campaign is concluded, simply make the Landing Page inactive. If at some point in the future the Landing Page is needed again, it’s one click to reactivate it. To make the URL’s more appealing, the system has been setup with a wildcard function allowing customization of the URL.

Increase Customer Engagment & Conversions

Increase Your ROI with Digitial Marketing

In traditional outbound marketing, companies focus on finding people who are interested in their product or service. They broadcast their message in print, radio, TV and US mail. By contrast, inbound marketing provides easily accessible information on the Internet about the product or service. This allows interested consumers to express their interest by filling out an online form. It has sometimes been a challenge to create the form that will submit the information to the CRM, but with the Landing Pages feature the information is submitted automatically. In addition to creating the messaging on the landing page, a graphic artist, web designer and database person were often involved. Today, with the addition of Landing Pages to the LeadMaster platform, anyone can create professional looking Landing Pages that are ready for use in minutes.

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