CRM for Insurance Agents

Customer Relationship Management for the Insurance Industry

From car and life to homeowners and health, insurance agency management software is making its mark on an industry too often plagued by inefficient communication and complex insurance sales software that leaves both agents and customers frustrated. Fortunately, customer relationship management for the insurance industry allows both companies and agents to maintain meaningful contact with prospective leads. At the same time, it also updates easily accessible databases from which better sales and marketing decisions can be made.

For many reasons, such as the inherently competitive nature of the insurance industry and the recent rise in online comparison services, an estimated 70 percent of insurance companies are currently using some form of online relationship marketing software to streamline their workflow. Of course, not all CRM solutions are created equal — and that’s an important lesson many agents and companies are realizing.

The good news is that at LeadMaster, we’ve put our more than two decades of experience in marketing and lead management into an all-in-one CRM solution for insurance companies. This highly effective, efficient solution is as easy to use as it is functional. The result is a number of more tangible benefits for agents and more responsive and targeted communications delivered to prospective leads. It also means that when you implement a LeadMaster solution, you can expect a swift and sizable return on your investment.

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Insurance Agency CRM Software Helps Agents Overcome Certain Hurdles

Rarely is a sale accomplished at the first point of contact, but that doesn’t mean an email, phone call or other type of inquiry isn’t chock full of valuable information that you can mine for follow-up communications. However, if this information isn’t collected and organized in a time-saving manner that makes it easily accessible to agents, your sales campaigns and marketing efforts are likely to struggle. As a result, your prospective leads will quickly lose interest and possibly find what they’re looking for from a competitor with a CRM working in an agent-friendly manner.

Many of the most common issues that prevent a lead from purchasing can be resolved if you know how to approach each situation from an informed position. Customers’ concerns — such as requiring more information, wanting to establish trust, being unsure how to end an earlier commitment and simply needing more time to qualify — can all be addressed personally and effectively if your agents have the right information at their fingertips when following up with prospective leads.

With LeadMaster CRM software for insurance companies, the following hurdles to converting leads into sales are more easily overcome:

  • Defining yourself and your product in a competitive market: Let’s face it: You’re not the only one out there selling insurance. You need every competitive edge you can get to help differentiate and define your services and products in the minds of your prospective buyers. And nothing says your customers mean everything to you like a robust CRM system that updates customers’ information so that you’re always on target with what you communicate.
  • Attracting and retaining new prospects: With the sheer amount of online opportunities to purchase insurance directly or through comparison sites growing by the day, the one way proven to expand a customer base is through a CRM software designed to take the requirements of the industry into account.
  • Reducing costs while increasing performance: The pressure to accomplish more with fewer resources is a constant concern for insurance companies. That’s why the features and tools that LeadMaster software offers save your agents from doing labor-intensive searches for information that previously wasn’t integrated across multi-channels — if it was collected at all.
CRM Software for Insurance Companies

Just like taxes, the paperwork and competition of the insurance industry are unavoidable. At LeadMaster, our all in one CRM solutions for insurance companies minimize the hassle and impact these tasks have on your business, which lets your team focus on the bigger picture: converting leads into sales.

Features of the LeadMaster Lead Management Software for Insurance

Imagine supercharging your sales and marketing efficacy, all while maximizing your return on investment (ROI). That may seem like a far-off dream with other online relationship marketing software for insurance companies, but at LeadMaster, we make it a reality.

Features of our all-in-one CRM for insurance agents include the ability to:

  • Use one program for all your marketing and sales needs
  • Funnel leads to your agents through a fast, streamlined process
  • Ensure correct action for leads with our workflow automation component
  • Collect accurate prospect information
  • Deliver tailored proposals or products that appeal to your leads

With the precise data of our online lead managing software for insurance companies, your team can follow and convert more leads. And when you give your staff the tools to drive productivity and efficiency, it lends itself to promoting your company’s growth and expansion.

What You Can Do With Insurance Lead Management Software

Want to see what else our lead management software for insurance can do? Here are just a few of the tasks:

  • Capture and track leads — regardless of the source
  • Delegate leads fast and with zero hassle
  • Interact with your leads from a single platform
  • Prioritize your near and long-term opportunities
  • Use drip marketing for long-term opportunities
  • Monitor your lead management program automatically
  • Analyze lead efficacy automatically
  • Generate multiple reports with the click of a button
  • Determine your marketing campaign’s ROI
  • Generate forecasts and adjust for success
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Whether your company specializes in health, life or car insurance, you can trust our cloud-based insurance agent CRM solutions to provide the performance, convenience and security your business needs to reach prospects, convert leads and serve customers.

Advantages of the LeadMaster CRM for Insurance Agents and Companies

However, you incorporate our CRM solutions, such as for relationship and marketing management, into your insurance company you can count on our cloud-based system to impress your insurance agents, supervisors, and executive team.

Benefits that make our system stand out include:

  • Affordable Rates: Insurances companies rely on our online lead managing software not just because it’s effective, but also because its prices are competitive.
  • Intuitive Designs: For insurance agencies and brokers, our management software is one of the best. With an intuitive design, teams can pick up on its tools fast, which means zero all-day training seminars.
  • Hassle-Free Setups: Within 48 hours, our all-in-one CRM for insurance companies is ready to go. Our team will help you set up our cloud-based system, so you can begin using it as soon as possible.
  • Compatible Builds: Switching between programs is a thing of the past with our CRM solutions for insurance companies. Integrate a slew of apps using PieSync and our leading management software.
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At LeadMaster, our experienced team helps you get the most from our all-in-one CRM for insurance companies. Whether you’re interested in trying our management software for your health insurance agency or incorporating it into your business right away, we’re ready to help.

To get started, register for a free 30-day trial — zero payment information needed. You’re also welcome to call us at 1-800-699-4164 to speak with one of our Certified LeadMaster Consultants, who have helped thousands of small, medium and large businesses looking for tailored solutions.