SuiteMaster: World-Class ERP
with Unparreled Agility


  • Uncover hidden pathways to sucess
  • Optimize your entire organization
  • Move to the freedom of Open-Source Apps


A Modern Approach to Cloud ERP

Suitemaster’s unique building blocks approach allows modular apps to be simply snapped together. It’s ideal for both start-up organizations and well established companies that need to migrate away from a older legacy ERP system. 

Affordable ERP

SuiteMaster – It’s affordable and can manage all departments with our unified platform. Applications can be enabled, one-at-a-time according to your orgamization’s specific needs. Regardless of company size or industry speciality SuiteMaser is designed to mold and fit your business operation.


An affordable ERP that manages all your business in a single tool.
SuiteMaster’s applications can be activated according to your business’s needs based on your desired features. Regardless of the size or industry of the business, it is the perfect business management software.

Business Apps

Across all industries, SuiteMaster is a suite of open-source business apps that meet the needs of companies of all sizes and budgets. There is a SuiteMaster app for virtually every business need.

Very Customizable

A company’s needs can be met 100% by this Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning software by modifying, customizing, and configuring it to meet theirs. It is not only highly adaptable but also easy to use.SuiteMaster has many positive aspects that make it a viable competitor against alternative and expensive ERP, CRM, and business management software in general.

Ignite the Soul of Your Data

Introducing SuiteMaster:

Your ultimate Intelligent Data Management Cloud, SuiteMaster from LeadMaster, is waiting for you to unlock its potential. Reach new heights for your company with efficient operations and unmatched performance. LeadMaster Solutions Group can help you grow your business.

Scales to Business

Snap-on architecture. Add and remove applications. Customize the  sofware based on unique business requirements.

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3rd Party Integrations

SuiteMaster provides tools to integrate third-party software. Add your favorite platforms, incluiding shopping carts and payment gateways.

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Certified Consultant Team

We partner closely with SuiteMaster’s Authorize consultants. Our network of consultants has direct access to our support team. This insures effective communications during implementations with minimal issues.

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What are you waiting for?

Make your cloud ERP journey a success by adopting a modular solution.

Upgrade your ERP to a cloud solution that’s custom-built for you.

Elevate your business with Suitemaster

SuiteMaster combines open-source ERP, CRM, and 2000 other applications into one package

Elevate the sucess of your business

Lead your industry. Innovate your business. Drive profitable growth. Use SuiteMaster

Expand your business with ease by switching from product-based to service-based. Dynamically respond to changes based on real-time customer experience data. You can take advantage of proven business processes within your industry.

You can quickly gain insight into your business operations.
With intelligent automation, you can continuously improve margins across your operations, and get your business where it needs to be.

Integrate global standards into your application and remain compliant and secure. Continually bring new value to the market through flexible, scalable platforms and partnerships.SuiteMaster Cloud was designed specifically for small & midmarket companies, built to meet their ever-changing needs.

Simple, intuitive design

Data can be accessed from anywhere

 Integration with other systems

Start today effortlessly managing your data hurdles

Improve your business with our software specially designed to evolve with your business. It delivers enterprise-class applications at an affordable price point.