Odoo Customization

Millions of businesses choose Odoo software because of its ability to adapt to changing business requirements. LeadMaster Solutions Group leverages Odoo’s framework through the creation of integrated apps and modules, tailored to the demands of your business. Specific business app withn Odoo can be modified without affecting the underlying database structure. Odoo studio leverages 4GL reporting tools for easy data extraction and analysis. 

The Benefits of Odoo Customization

Tailored Applications

LeadMaster helps to tailor your Odoo apps to meet your requirements and assist with one-of-a-kind operations.


Your organization will benefit from increased autonomy and adaptability over this critical business activity.

All Inclusive

Odoo customization allows you to integrate every function and boost overall efficiency.

Assistance and upgrades

The features of customized ERP software are completely under your control. You may also upgrade the programs as needed with complete support.


Odoo customization at an affordable price offers several benefits, and the savings in the long run far surpass the costs involved.

Improved efficiency

Odoo customization means gaining extra features that might increase the productivity and profitability of your business.

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