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Relationships and Lead Management  Critical for Real Estate

Did you know that almost 70% of home sellers find their agent through referrals or use an agent they have worked with in the past? With that said, a single lead can have tremendous value over the course of its lifetime.

Lead management isn’t just about keeping track of leads. Having a successful buyer and seller relationship (and their referrals) is the key to your success over the years.  LeadMaster Solutions Group can help  you solidify and  nurture those relationships.

Put your sales strategy on autopilot when you have a rock-solid lead management system that tells you what steps to take to close more deals.

Your firm will blossom if you can stay connected and actively manage all current and long-term leads. Odoo integrated real estate solutions helps to ensure you are in firm command of the entire sales cycle, including the referral process.

Put LeadMaster and Odoo to work 

Odoo’s All-In-One real estate sales tracking tool is intuitive by design. It’s simple to set up and easy for agents to learn. Your team can get right down to work. It is a productivity tool that helps keep agents organized and leverages the full opportunity of every lead.

You’ll Be Able To:

  • Organize / Funnel all your leads, regardless of where you get them.
  • Distribute leads to the right agent, no matter where they are – anytime, anywhere access.
  • Reassign & Send reminders to ensure no leads get left behind.
  • Automatically nurture leads using drip marketing for long-term prospects.
  • Empower your agency – real-time updating of agent productivity and forecasting.
  • Dramatically improve your ROI.
  • Real-time productivity reports.

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