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CRM + Marketing Automation + Help Desk… All-in-One

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Powerful Features + Scalability + Short Learning Curve = CRM Success

Get an all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing tool that fits the needs of your business.

LeadMaster CRM can work together with your sales team to deliver your ultimate objective – more sales for your business. Whenever your team has any interaction with a lead or a customer, they will have all the information that they need at their fingertips – past orders, contact information, proposal details, social information etc.

LeadMaster makes your sales team more efficient than ever before.

A New Approach

Most businesses can be categorized one of two ways when it comes to CRM:

  • They don’t have a CRM system so use tools like disconnected spreadsheets, databases and email systems to manage communications and customer records.
  • They have a CRM system but it is not fit for purpose.

If you fall into the first category, LeadMaster will dramatically streamline your sales and customer management processes.

If you fall into the second category, we understand your frustrations. Most CRM software is designed by programmers who make fantastic technical solutions. The problem is those solutions don’t fit in the real world of business.

LeadMaster is different – it was designed for real-world usability first. This means it is easy to use, plus it can be adapted to the needs of your business with a few simple clicks.

Cloud Based

Cloud IconAnd because it is cloud based you can save time and money while also having the peace of mind that your team is always using the very latest and most secure version of the platform.

Finally, LeadMaster is affordable, whatever size business you operate. Rather than it being a cost it will pay for itself many times over in new sales and saved resources.


CRM And Lead Management For Sales And Marketing
LeadMaster delivers powerful CRM features to your business, but it can also help your sales and marketing teams. It does this through features like lead management, email marketing, analytics, and much more. This is why we call it an all-in-one solution.
Grow Your Business In The Right Areas
Do you know which lead sources are best converting into sales your business? What about the products that provide the best marketing ROI, which partners are the most efficient, and which sales executives have the best conversion ratio? LeadMaster gives you this information so you can make the right business decisions.
CRM For Channel Management
Do you sell through third party agents or reseller distribution channels? These sorts of structures are often complex to manage, which is why LeadMaster is so important. With LeadMaster you can stay up-to-date on the progress of leads wherever they are in the chain. You can also quickly reassign leads to another agent or another sales channel if required.

CRM For Help Desk And Support

A customer support or help desk facility is an essential feature of many modern businesses. But there is no point having an operative available to take a call from a customer if that information is not properly recorded for follow up, resolution, evaluation and analysis. With LeadMaster your customer help or support desk will become a powerful customer service tool for your business, plus you can use it for marketing and product development.

Key LeadMaster Features

Affordable – to suit the needs of your business
Easy to use – get up and running in minutes
Adaptable – switch features and functions on and off as required
Cloud based – so you can access anywhere and at anytime
Secure and updated – you don’t have to worry about upgrades or complex IT infrastructure

Until now, only big businesses could afford to deploy CRM systems. With LeadMaster you can now get a cost effective solution that will manage your sales, marketing and customer service processes. This will save you money and help you make more profit.

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