LeadMaster Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Founded in 1998, LeadMaster celebrates their 25th years in business by offering a free trial for their CRM, as well as VoIP phone service and Website Visitor Identification, both provided by their integration partners.



LeadMaster, a leading provider of All-In-One cloud computing solutions for Sales Lead Management, CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and Virtual Call Center Solutions is celebrating 25 years in business. Founded in 1998, LeadMaster was at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution, and plans to continue to accelerate growth by improving the customer experience and bolstering marketing endeavors.

Roswell, GA – 

One of the first companies to offer a SaaS CRM solution, LeadMaster has been a pioneer in the industry for two decades now. By improving the software consistently with new innovations, they have experienced high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Business customers have found LeadMaster’s sales lead management CRM solution intuitive and easy to use, yet also feature-packed. Real-time lead capture, built-in landing pages, pipeline management, lead distribution, lead tracking, lead nurturing, custom reporting and email marketing have proven to be critical elements for the CRM users.

These features offer users the ability to qualify and convert leads from virtually any source – landing page, email, call center, webinar, sales lead suppliers and more.

More robust features include workflow & marketing automation, round-robin lead distribution, a mobile app for IOS and Android, an email extension that integrates Gmail and the CRM system, CRM analytics and Outlook integration.

Because of the fact that LeadMaster continues to provide clientele with software ingenuities and improvements, many expect expansion to increase rapidly.

As the company enjoys more growth and popularity in the market, it intends to augment its success by working to improve the customer experience, invest in infrastructure, expand the global reseller network, and co-market with partners.

According to Russell King, CEO, LeadMaster plans to escalate marketing efforts and “expand the LeadMaster customer base and add staff to expand the LeadMaster family.”

About LeadMaster

LeadMaster offers a multi-function cloud-computing software solution for numerous business verticals, particularly professionals in the sales and marketing field. The on-demand, customizable SaaS solutions combine sales lead management software, lead tracking solutions, sales force automation tools (SFA), customer relationship management features (CRM), LeadMaster Voice (VOIP) solutions and virtual call center solutions. The powerful web-based application has helped companies large and small from virtually every industry.

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