Cloud-Based Call Center

LeadMaster VoIP Phone
The Path to More Sales

LeadMaster CRM with integrated inbound & outbound telephone service with optional SMS, Fax, Cloud Storage… means More Productivity, Responding To Leads Faster, and Taking the Stress out of your Phone System!

All you need is a computer, a headset and an Internet connection. Your telephone and CRM are in the cloud. It’s that easy!

  • Unlimited calls to the USA and Canada (Pro & Xtreme)
  • Month to month billing with no contract
  • Three options to choose from
  • All for a low monthly fee
  • Pricing (VoIP service provided by Monster)

Efficient Outbound, Inbound and Call Management


Manual dialing uses up valuable selling time, and it means you take longer to respond to leads.


With our LeadMaster Tel service you get all the benefits of the powerful and easy-to-use LeadMaster CRM, plus the added efficiency of integrated telephony.


Most call center CRM and integrated telephone systems have lengthy contracts, or they charge large fees for software licenses and then make you pay even more for upgrades.


The LeadMaster Tel solution is based in the cloud so there’s nothing for you to install, and there are no large upfront costs.


With month-to-month billing and no contract, you can cancel at anytime.


This makes LeadMaster affordable and hassle free and means you can get on with closing more sales and making more money.

The All-In-One Cloud-Based Call Center

*** Built-in call reporting tools

*** Accessible from anywhere and at anytime

*** Easy to use

*** Quick to deploy and simple to learn

*** Options for recording calls, fax, virtual meetings and more

Start your Free Trial and See for Yourself

Get the most from LeadMaster and your new CRM system. Get started today with a 30-day free trial and learn how LeadMaster can help you. Call us at 800-699-4164 if you prefer to speak with a CRM expert. We’ve helped many customers and are excited to begin helping you.

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