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Colleges and vocational schools strive to improve how to better track potential students. An inquiry begins with capturing, tracking, and nurturing initial inquiries. Solid execution of the process leads to higher conversion rates. This is exactly what our education software is designed to do.

Communities form the lifeblood of any college.  Utilizing a versatile customer relationship management system allows institutions to track inquiries, and personalize their communication to all contact types – donors, alumni, and students.

Competition In Education

LeadMaster Solutions Group helps you cover all bases, from tracking and nurturing leads to evaluating your marketing campaigns. You’ll look your best as you engage potential students.

Education is a shifting landscape. Students show early interest and review their options before making a decision. Clear communications messaging positions your school as the best choice. LeadMaster Solutions Group helps you reinforce clear messaging for months or even years.

Comprehensive reporting tools will update you on key metrics needed to make decisions. Our educational system dashboards will help keep you focused on priorities.

Make your organization the outstanding choice for prospective students.  Our business suite of applications will support you during every step of the enrollment process.

Key Application Features

LeadMaster Solutions Group boosts success – converts leads into students.

  • Capture leads from all sources
  • Funnel leads to your admissions staff using automated rules
  • Read and Send email replies without switching applications
  • View information anywhere with cloud-based access
  • Generate real-time reports on all marketing efforts
  • Increase overall marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Nurture students on an automatic, scheduled basis


We Go Beyond Recruitment 

All of our applications are integrated with each other
and 3rd party systems that exist within higher education.

  • General Administration
  • Student Record Management
  • Staff and Personnel Management
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Alumni Management
  • Internal / External Communications
  • Public Relations


Reach New Heights

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At LeadMaster values the role of education and educators. Our system’s designed to help manage the daily challenges you experience.

Discover what our software can bring to your school. If you have any questions, please contact us to learn more.   1-800-699-4164