Odoo ERP: Integrated Business Applications that SNAP together. 

Odoo ERP – Solutions Overview

For over 25 years, LeadMaster Solutions Group has provided leading-edge business application software. Recently LeadMaster entered into a multi-year agreement with Odoo North America. The partnership allows Odoo to continue to develop and refine their  best-in-class ERP Software, while LeadMaster’s focus is
on delivering ERP consulting and implementation services.  As an ODOO PREMIER PARTNER we have both the technical knowledge and project staffing to deliver successful implementations. The world is quickly moving towards open source architecture and we are invested to capitalize on this software transformation. 

LeadMaster has worked with thousands of customers to implement web-based software solutions. Our consultancy is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our team members are spread across five continents.

LeadMaster’s core competency is in developing robust, cost effective business applications. We work with clients helping them navigate the software selection process in support of their business. We then work to customize these applications to meet company-wide or specific departmental needs.

We are adept at identifying smarter workflows that improve overall business productivity. We focus on improvements – data collection, forecast methodology, ROI measurement, marketing automation, eCommerce, MRP, warehouse management and more.


LeadMaster’s Odoo Consultants have broad ERP experience

Companies that face the difficult task of integrating disparate software applications discover that it can be a tremendous waste of time and resources. Odoo offers a unified collection of integrated applications. We’ll tackle all of your business needs in one single, cost-effective solution. Forget about complex integrations!

Odoo apps are seamlessly integrated right out of the box.

Odoo’s open-source development model leverages thousands of developers and business experts. It encompasses a large ecosystem of fully integrated business apps, with a modern, elegant design.

LeadMaster Solutions Group is proud to be a Premier Odoo Business partner. We have extensive ERP/CRM experience across multiple industries. You can rely on us to provide you with the ongoing support you need.


7 Million Active Users
& Growing!

Traditional software apps. function independently, not connected to one another. They struggle to provide a complete picture what’s going on.

Odoo can deliver everything needed in a single, modular solution. It can combine Odoo’s core apps with tens of thousands of community apps.

Odoo apps “snap” into place smoothly, allowing you to automate your business operations.

No more technology coordination worries.

An application for every need

LeadMaster Solutions Group can provide you with everything you need including a delightful implementation experience. We’ll help you to automate and track everything. Your information will be better organized and available from anywhere using any device.

Odoo ERP has created the world’s largest ecosystem of fully connected business applications. It was created by thousands of worldwide developers and business professionals.

Odoo’s framework is uniquely designed in a modern and attractive style and LeadMaster Solutions Group can deliver excellent usability across multiple industries.

Our clients benefit from software advancements and Odoo is the clear winner when it comes to user-adoption



In-App Purchase


Point of Sale

PoS Preparation Display

Products & Pricelists



eBay Connector

Sale Management


End long, drawn-out integrations

LeadMaster Solutions Group delivers everything you need in a single, inexpensive, modular solution. We can combine Odoo apps with an extensive list of Community apps: no more technology coordination worries.

If your current software portfolio functions independently you can’t have a complete picture of what’s going on within your organization.

Odoo’s enterprise apps integrate (snap-on) smoothly. They allow you to seamlessly connect and automate your entire business operation.