Why CRM-Xpress?
Because CRM only works when people actually use it.

1) Only 53% of sales reps regularly use CRM. –Aberdeen

2) Only 23% of organizations believe their CRM system is highly effective for enabling collaboration across departments. – MHI Institute

3) Only 15% of companies believe their CRM opportunities and leads information is accurate. –Associates

4) Only 7% of sales reps believe reviewing CRM reports and data is a good use of time. –Enkata

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CRM-Xpress gives your sales people access to all of their accounts in 3 easy views:  the accounts list, the company view and the contact view.  CRM-Xpress was designed for people on the go.  You can use it in a browser, on a phone or tablet in an APP.

  • Update the Status of Leads (use your Lead Status values)
  • Update the Sales Stage of Leads (use your Sales Stages)
  • Send Emails
  • Easy-to-use Callbacks, ToDo’s and Reminders
  • Update notes – use the microphone on your phone, no more typing 
  • Create Quotes and Opportunities on the go
  • Store files (proposals, for example)
  • Your Forms in Electronic Format
  • Customer Support Tickets
  • Merge, Assign, Archive and Delete (privileges that can be enabled)
  • Send Emails and Nurture leads

CRM-Xpress helps turn your leads into customers!  Because you aren’t struggling with a complex CRM system you can spend more time on the most important part of the job – selling.

You save money!   You don’t have to pay for a premium license – it’s only $15/month. Compared with other CRM and marketing automation systems, that could equate to savings measured in the thousands.




At LeadMaster we Understand Business – After 20 Years Providing CRM Solutions We’ve Helped Customers in Virtually Every Industry

LeadMaster is customer driven.  Customers have driven the product you see today.  They have made LeadMaster as flexible and adaptable as possible so that you get what you need at a price that makes sense.

With LeadMaster and CRM-Xpress, you can get what you need to grow your business at a price that you can afford.

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