Odoo & Call Center Management

All-In-1 Cloud-Based
Call Center Solution

  • Anywhere, anytime access – agents can use it from anywhere.
  • Ease of use, no extensive training required.
  • Powerful workflow automation and rules engine.
  • Built-in agent activity analysis.
  • Built-in forecasting.
  • Built-in lead management and distribution
  • Built-in lead nurturing and marketing automation.
  • Built-in advanced call center reporting tools.
  • VoIP phone integration options

Call Center – CRM Business Suite 

Capitalize on key customer and prospect relationships. Don’t let your customer base end up in the “dead” file.

Agents need software that provides them with a competitive advantage.  It’s a tall order to manage customers, prioritize service tickets, and close deals. LeadMaster Solutions Group & Odoo ERP combines powerful call center software. It will add a competitive edge to your organization. odoo is packed with powerful features, yet intuitive to use.

Agents Become More Productive

Agents can sell more and provide better customer service with our next-generation contact center software. Smart Queues allow agents to spend more time with live prospects. Calls are routed to the appropriate agents through intelligent routing.  A customer’s information is at their fingertips on the update page.  All activities are automatically logged into our CRM platform.

Providing context for every conversation requires integrating all communication channels and interaction history. LeadMaster Solutions Group continuously updates our applications to enable our customers to take advantage of today’s technology and prepare for tomorrow.

Today’s Call Center Software 

No Training Headaches

Imagine having your inside calling team armed with the automation tools they need and they can learn the system in less than an hour. Picture a call center solution that never drops the ball – and it can be used from anywhere.

Affordable & No Annual Contracts

LeadMaster Solutions Group offers month-to-month billing. No more worrying about ongoing expenses that are locked in for a year or more.  Also set-up and implementation is quick and affordable. 

Choose Odoo & LeadMaster to Help Fuel your Call Center


It is hard to believe that 40 percent of inside professionals still do not leverage software applications. Many still rely on spreadsheets and other outdated systems. Studies show that a well-designed software platform can contribute to a sales increase of as much as 30 percent.

Call Centers and inside sales teams can boost their performance with the right application software.

With more than two decades of experience in supplying all-in-one sales & marketing solutions to businesses and call centers, LeadMaster Solutions Group offers a powerful set of completely integrated call center applications. Our solution protects your data while simultaneously giving your staff the mobility and access they need to work across multiple devices.

Our software platform is an affordable suite of integrated applications that will be used by your entire organization.

Certified Consultants

Get the most from LeadMaster Solutions Group and your software system. Call us at 1-800-699-4164 to speak with a consultant. We’ve helped thousands of customers and would love to do the same for you.