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Case Management Solutions Offers Virtual Help Desk Capabilities

Providing top-notch customer service is essential to success, LeadMaster Case Management accurately tracks issues so that they can be solved quickly and efficiently. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, LeadMaster clients can utilize the case management area to track customer service issues and solutions in concert with their CRM data. You have all your customer data in one place, making it easy to make sure nothing slips through. Users can add new cases and easily associate them with customer records.

Tickets and cases can be assigned / routed to the appropriate staff member for follow-up and fields can be customized to capture the information specific to a company’s support process. You can automate your business process using LeadMaster’s workflow – for example whenever a new case is created send the customer an email to confirm receipt and let them know who is working on it. Don’t waste time writing the same thing over and over again – use LeadMaster’s built-in email templates and workflow to quickly provide common responses to questions.

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Simple customer service software that’s integrated with your CRM for seamless support.

The system is easily customizable so you do business your way and LeadMaster will configure it to use familiar terms for your team. LeadMaster’s case management feature provides a virtual help desk to help increase customer retention and boost overall customer satisfaction.

  • Reports allow support center management to better manage workflows, track progress, quickly identify overdue cases and track performance metrics for their team members.
  • The personalized ‘My Cases’ feature allows front line customer service personnel to quickly access cases in their queue and identify which cases need attention.
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