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Affordable Case Management  

Successful businesses provide top-notch customer service. With Leadmaster case management, issues are tracked accurately so that they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Startups and Fortune 500 companies alike use LeadMaster’s case management solution. The customer data is all in one place, so you can keep track of every interaction with your customers.


Cases can be customized to capture information specific to a company’s support process. Created unlimited fields to capture additional customer information. Use LeadMaster’s advanced workflow automation to trigger action items and tasks. Built-in email templates allows for quick responses to questions eliminating the need to write the same thing over and over again.¬†


Key Benefits 


1. Keep Tickets Organized

When you try to solve multiple issues without an action plan, you may feel as if you are drowning. When the office is disorganized, people can become confused, have longer wait times, and be less productive.  There is a priority standard for organizing support tickets. Customers are happier and support teams are more productive as a result.

2. Keep Interactions In One Thread

To get the most out of your ticketing system, it is essential to integrate it with your other apps. Ticketing software can consolidate all communication if you offer customer support through multiple channels.

With a ticket number, customers are not required to restart the whole process if they change channels. There is continued communication between the original ticket and the new agent.

3. Requests Can Be Queued & Assigned

Tickets are usually organized by priority in online ticketing systems. The top of the queue is filled with higher priority tasks while the bottom part is filled with lower priority tasks. The result is high turnaround times and service level agreements that do not fulfill the service level agreement when low priority support tickets are not resolved on time.

Priority should be given to those who arrive first. Support cases can be managed easily and no customer request goes unanswered.

4. Communicate More Effectively

A ticketing system promotes internal collaboration by providing features such as:

  • Ticket escalation or transfer to senior employees
  • For anyone who takes over the ticket, you can add private notes to give them context
  • Reps can communicate internally through internal messaging

Having multiple agents working on the same ticket at the same time ensures seamless communication and collaboration.
In order for your support team to find answers quickly without having to leave a live chat you must use a ticketing tool that is integrated with your knowledge management software and email service.

5. Analyze KPI Data & Generate Meaningful Reports

With online ticketing systems, customization analytics can be generated and data can be measured in the following areas:

  • After contacting a support representative, the percentage of tickets that have been resolved
  • Tickets that remain unresolved
  • SLA violations as a percentage of tickets
  • Ticket resolution time on average
  • Customer satisfaction as a percentage
  • Productivity and activities of agents

In addition to measuring performance, LeadMaster CRM also provides you with an opportunity to identify areas of service operations that need to be optimized.

Customer Service Software that’s integrated with full CRM


Easily customizable so you do business your way. Key  feature provides a virtual help desk to help increase customer retention and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Better manage workflows, track progress, quickly identify overdue cases and track performance metrics for their team members.
  • Front-line customer service personnel to quickly access cases in their queue and identify which cases need attention.


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