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Companies Trust Our Software


LeadMaster Solutions Group has delivered software applications across multiple industries. Our team prides itself on building custom solutions to companies of all sizes and markets, from finance & insurance to manufacturing & service industries.

For over 25 years, LeadMaster Solutions Group has built applications in various industries, including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, banking,  and call centers. These sectors share a common requirement – software must work the first time, regardless of function or end-user.

Best practices are cross-pollinated between industries. It is important to apply the right processes and tools no matter the project’s scope.  The need to plan for implementation and software training cannot be overstated.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions as each industry is unique. LeadMaster Solutions Group offers completely customizable software. You can trust our years of experience in creating the right solution for your business.

Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Capture, track, qualify and nurture your sales leads with the power and convenience of the LeadMaster CRM. How do the lead management features of LeadMaster work?


Manage contacts, from customers to prospects with ease in the LeadMaster CRM Platform. Through our opportunity and pipeline management tool.


Support your sales and marketing campaigns with high-quality and data-driven reports from our CRM platform. Our cloud-based CRM solution offers a slew of analyses.

Mortgage & Debt

Capture, track, qualify, and nurture mortgage leads with a powerful and affordable CRM.

Marketing & Advertising

Provide your clients way to follow-up on your marketing and advertising campaigns. Our white-label program allows you to offer them a robust CRM / Lead Management Platform.

Call Centers

Arm your inside Call Center team with LeadMaster CRM. Our application works well in supporting customers or driving sales opportunities. 


Convert more inquiries into students with a complete CRM view of the enrollment cycle. 

Manufacturing & Distribution

Manage your complete operations, including MRP and inventory. A fully integrated set of business applications helps to every department in sync.

Real Estate

Support real estate sales & marketing campaigns with high-quality and data-driven reports. Our cloud-based CRM solution offers a slew of analyses.