LeadMaster: Powerful, Intuitive, Highly Customizable


  • Manage your business with better analytics and reporting
  • Leverage the most advanced CRM tools available today
  • Improve sales with advanced business workflows


A great approach to CRM

LeadMaster CRM is a radically simple, all-in-one solution for managing customer relationships, sales management, marketing automation, and help desk management.

Highly Configurable

LeadMaster can be easily customized to fit your business needs. Changes can be made in minutes, not weeks. It will save you both in time and development costs.


Pay monthly for what you need. No long-term contract. (Cloud-based services should never ask for an annual agreement.)


It’s radically simple interface. Fast User adoption is assured. Implementations are completed quickly. Easily manage the entire system without the need for advanced training.

Compatible and Secure

Integrate apps – Quickbooks, woo-commerce, and more. We are HIPPA compliant.

LeadMaster CRM Advantages

We’ve created a system that’s packed full of customizable features. LeadMaster CRM provides you and your team the freedom to work anywhere. Implementations are usually completed within a few days.

Some of the key features of the LeadMaster CRM Platform include:


Capture, assign, track, qualify and nurture your sales leads with power and convenience. Measure marketing campaign performance in real-time.

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Suppor sales & marketing campaigns with high-quality, data-driven reports. LeadMaster CRM solution offers a slew of analyses.

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Streamline marketing and sales using powerful automation workflow. Our rules-based engine ensure work does not fall through the cracks.

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What are you waiting for?

Make your cloud CRM journey a success by adopting a modular solution.

Upgrade your CRM to a cloud solution that’s custom-built for you.

Elevate your business with LeadMaster

LeadMaster helps you to manage clients as well as automate and streamline your marketing processes. It also helps you capture, nurture, and convert leads.

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What LeadMaster CRM can do for you

Lead your industry. Manage your entire business. Drive profitable growth. Use LeadMaster.

Big businesses have benefited from tools like CRM, lead management, and marketing automation systems for years. They use these systems because they get results – higher conversions, greater revenue, and more profit. The problem is most solutions are built for big businesses which means they are inflexible, complicated, and expensive.

Because LeadMaster solves all three of these problems a lead generation and marketing automation solution is now viable for small and medium-sized businesses – just like your business.

It is cloud-based so it is easy to manage, easy to deploy, easy to learn, and easy to use.It is adaptable to all business sectors, plus it is customizable. You enable and use the features you need now, and add more as necessary in the future, all at an affordable cost.

Simple, intuitive design

Data can be accessed from anywhere

 Integration with other systems

Start effortlessly managing your data hurdles

LeadMaster is designed to evolve with your business.

It delivers the best CRM performance, very seamless at an affordable price point.