nurture in financeFinancial institution growth can be enhanced by effective finance lead nurturing. The key to a consistent revenue stream is building relationships with customers as you lead them from the initial contact to the time they decide to buy from you. So, how can you quickly identify your ideal prospects and nurture them?

These finance data management and lead nurturing tips will help you identify your ideal prospects and nurture them.

Know the Ideal Lead or Prospect

Nurturing leads in the finance industry requires time and effort. The buying cycle for someone who needs a home loan, for instance, will be different than someone who’s selling T-shirts. That’s why you should:

  • Let your marketing and sales teams create a draft of their ideal qualified lead
  • Create a definition of the ideal lead for each financial service or package your company offers
  • Be specific about the business location, the average annual revenue and the size of the company you are targeting
  • Include the characteristics, needs, desires and pain points for your ideal customer
  • Seek and nurture prospects that meet the minimum requirements in your definition of a qualified lead

Prepare Consumer Education Materials and Messages

Both business and individual clients need to be nurtured with information about what they need and how you can help them get it. Offer your prospects high-value content such as eBooks, whitepapers, videos and other downloadable content. Also, provide seminars, webinars and other events where your audience can learn, ask questions and move closer to closing a sale.

Create an email schedule that includes a mixture of educational and promotional content with personalized content that makes the prospect feel you care about their needs. Make a template for each email, adding a well-tested subject line, information about your offer and a strong call-to-action.

Where possible, include a link to an explainer video. Encourage prospects to ask questions about the service you want to offer. Provide prompt answers to all their inquiries and demonstrate your capacity to offer top-notch customer service. Refer your prospects to reviews about your business to help convince them that doing business with you is a wise choice.

Help the Prospect Speed Up the Approval Process

Most financial products like home loans have a lengthy approval process. So, helping your prospects understand this and prepare all required documents will be valuable to them and your company.

Provide a checklist that contains all the documents your prospect will need. Show them how to get their free credit report and prepare themselves to answer questions about different aspects of their credit report.

Show your leads why they’ll be better off taking a loan from your company. Provide comparison charts that show how your terms will help your clients enjoy a more convenient loan repayment process.

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