automatic marketingThe foundation of marketing has shifted as advancements in technology take hold, especially with the introduction of advanced AI and automation processes.

Marketing automation — which stemmed from scheduled email blasting — has skewed into various areas that present major efficiency optimization opportunities for your particular strategy. Industry experts have reported in the past that a majority of surveyed marketers felt dissatisfied with their automation software, but 2019 will offer better avenues for success.

Begin your company’s journey toward improvement with LeadMaster, as we’ve taken the time to build up our product and address common concerns with the medium. To better understand the industry phenomenon as a whole, we’ve put together a primer that covers the future of marketing automation.

Making Marketing Automation Predictions

The world today, thanks in part to the massive corporations that have helped to shape it, demands speed and efficiency while maintaining customer relationships. With that trend expected to continue, companies in most industries need to follow suit.

The Forrester Marketing Automation Technology Forecast recently put out a ringing endorsement for marketing automation trends, as spending estimates for these tools currently project at upwards of $25.1 billion by 2023. About 67 percent of industry leaders already use some form of marketing automation, and that number could increase by 21 percent within the next two years.

The ROI for these technologies still needs more consistency, but further investment and enhanced capabilities should put that arrow in an excellent position to move up. Divisions of marketing automation that seem poised to grow the most include the following:

  • Content marketing platforms
  • Cross-channel campaign management software
  • Lead-to-revenue management automation
  • Marketing resource management platform
  • Real-time interaction management
  • Through-channel marketing automation

Marketing Automation Benefits

Regarding individual improvements in the automation technology, current benefits and potential advancements include:

  • Allows for Improved Time Management: Ultimately, marketing automation comes down to consolidating tasks and freeing up employees to accomplish more. Having fewer responsibilities leads to less stress and more completed objectives, and automated technology also permits you to spend more energy on generating ideas and content.
  • Better Data Capture: By implementing focused questioning into various communication touch points, automated marketing tools can help to build improved customer profiles. It will prepare your company to address clients’ needs quicker and remain connected to your customers.
  • Relevant Content Creation: We’re perpetually inundated with online content that we may or may not care about. It’s exhausting, but automated marketing processes can help to create more appropriate personalization by delivering messages at the correct time of a customer’s purchasing and engagement cycles.

LeadMaster Offers Premier Marketing Automation Software

As an established company with a nationwide presence, LeadMaster will supply you with a system that incorporates numerous technologies aimed at marketing improvement. From email blasting to SMS text messaging to lead nurturing to website analytics, you’ll see increased productivity across the board.

Our software, which you can try free for 30 days, is convenient to set up and use, and it’s customizable to fit your goals. It’s also scalable, meaning it will grow as you grow, and it offers better affordability over other options without sacrificing quality.

If you have any questions about the benefits of marketing automation, contact us today to speak with your customer service representative!