email marketing campaignIf you want to succeed with online marketing, you must have effective email marketing strategies in place. With billions of marketing emails sent out each day, you need a competitive marketing email strategy to catch your subscribers’ attention. So, we’ll be offering you both time-tested and trending tactics for boosting your email marketing results. Read on to discover the best way to increase your email conversions.

Define Your Goals

Don’t start sending out emails without clear marketing goals. Focus on building a long-lasting and credible relationship with your subscribers so they can take the action you desire in each email.

Some of your goals should include:

  • Informing new subscribers about your business and your values to build trust
  • Providing information that will solve subscriber problems
  • Increasing engagement with the content on your website and social media platforms
  • Obtaining valuable information about your customer demographics
  • Contacting and engaging inactive subscribers
  • Receiving feedback about your products and services

Email is a powerful conversion tool, so use it as one of your primary channels for converting prospects.

Know Your Readers

Before you start writing a ton of emails to send to subscribers on a daily or weekly basis, take the time to find out more about their demographics. Are there more females than males? What is their age bracket and where do they reside?

Use Google Analytics on your website and Facebook Insights on your Facebook page. These two sources will help you discover more about the interests, location and demographics of those who show interest in your business. These tools will help you define the reader persona for your email campaign too.

Use a User-Friendly Design

First, your emails should have an eye-catching subject line, so your subscribers can click on them. After your readers open your message in their email client software, your content should also be visually appealing. Poorly designed emails could turn your readers off and even make them unsubscribe from your mailing list.

To make your readers happy, try the following:

  • Make the design friendly to mobile devices by using a responsive mail template
  • Test your emails on laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Keep images to a minimum as some subscribers will disable images

With an attractive design, as well as relevant content, you can begin boosting your email marketing results.

Provide Your Subscribers With Great Content

With quality copy for your marketing email strategy, you’ll make subscribers eager to read your emails.

To ensure they’ll read your newsletter as soon as it arrives, try these tactics:

  • Personalize each message by addressing subscribers by their first or full names.
  • Send content based on a subscriber’s last activity on your website or social media page.
  • Keep copy short and make it easy to read.
  • Add personal stories and valuable content that can serve as a resource to your audience.
  • Add a link to a video to get subscribers engaged.

Make sure when you implement this strategy to monitor differences in the opening and click-through rates.

Choose a Time When Most Subscribers Will Open Your Mail

The best time to send a marketing email to a business client may not be during working hours. If you’re like most people who have a tight work schedule, you won’t be able to pay close attention to a marketing email at that time. Why not schedule the emails to be sent in the evening when the recipients are relaxing? Sending marketing emails between 8 p.m. and midnight leads to a higher open and click-through rate, as well as sales.

Use Data to Create Audience Segments

Segmented email lists almost always provide better conversions. You can start segmentation right from your sign-up form. This method is much easier for business-to-business (B2B) customers who won’t mind providing more information when you have a valuable resource or giveaway to offer them.

Integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and market automation software can make it much easier for you to segment your list and double or triple your conversion rates.

Prime examples of segmentation include:

  • Segmentation by industry
  • Segmentation by business or company size
  • Segmentation by sales cycle or sales funnel
  • Segmentation by location or gender

When you segment your lists, you’ll get higher open and click-through rates, plus increased revenue, leads and customers.

Automate Your Campaigns

You can send two types of emails:

  • Traditional emails
  • Trigger-based emails

Trigger-based emails respond to user behavior. You’re probably familiar with common trigger emails like:

  • Welcome
  • Thank you
  • Order confirmation
  • Receipt

Trigger emails outperform traditional emails. Users who receive an instant notification or use their mobile devices to browse the internet almost always open trigger emails. This reaction means they have the highest potential for increasing click-throughs, conversions and revenue. So, test and use them to boost your profits.

Use LeadMaster to help your email campaign succeed

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