simplify your businessAll businesses deal in data. The more you can control and use the information coming at your company from all angles, the more efficient you can be in running your business. Your business likely has information about leads, sales, marketing efforts, customer communications, analytics and more.

You can simplify your business with a customer relationship management (CRM) program. A powerful CRM solution allows you to store information about staff efforts, sales, marketing leads and customers in one place.

Can CRM Make Business Easier?

To run your company efficiently, you need to be able to access and use large amounts of data. CRM makes this simpler by allowing you to integrate all the information you have so you can use it effectively. Imagine if you could see how many sales calls you made, how many customers have ordered from you in the past month and which leads you still need to contact. With a CRM, you can. Today’s solutions even have automation features, so you can streamline business operations with CRM by making some systems work automatically.

LeadMaster CRM solutions have many features that allow you to do all this and more. Our solutions let you simplify business by automating CRM processes and by allowing you to customize the system.

LeadMaster CRM includes features such as:

  • Lead management, which lets you capture, track, nurture and score leads and even lets you run lead analytics.
  • Sales management, which lets your sales team access their individualized dashboards from mobile or tablet devices. Run sales analytics, give your sales team permissions based on roles and more with these features.
  • Opportunity management, which lets you track and forecast opportunities. You can even set up opportunity alerts and generate and manage quotes.
  • Marketing management, which enables you to run ROI analytics and manage your marketing campaigns in one system. Set, open and click alerts, use a range of email templates and more.
  • Email marketing solutions, which allow you to create mailing lists with mass emails, templates and individual emails. Use email history features to track emails sent and use the bounce manager to adjust lead and customer contact information.
  • Custom forms, including field call scripts, inline forms, hyperlinked forms and searchable forms. With website integration and encrypted fields, it’s easy to set up forms that let you capture information from customers and leads.
  • Automation, which allows you to set up milestones, automatic texts, automatic emails, sales rep reminders and automated marketing efforts. Create workflow based on dates and automate other parts of your business, freeing up your time.
  • Reporting, which allows you to generate user activity reports, sales forecasts, pipeline reports, performance reports and custom reports. These powerful features allow you to turn data into readable, usable information.
  • Smart Queue, which is integrated with VOIP to make calling and call lists simple.
  • An administration panel, which gives you access to all the features and security measures you need. You can add account managers, create special forms and more.
  • Data mining tools, which help you search through all the integrated information available.

In addition, this CRM solution is highly customizable, so you can change page payouts, languages, fields and labels and more. If you’d like to try these features for yourself, order a 30-day free trial from LeadMaster.