mortgage company CRM

Mortgage lead generation refers to the process of acquiring potential borrowers. Once a person expresses interest in a product or service, he or she becomes a lead. Lead generation and management are critical to the success of your mortgage company since you can eventually transform your leads into customers.

To make the most out of opportunities for customer growth, every mortgage company needs to establish effective strategies for generating leads and, just as importantly, managing them as well. The following are some best practices to follow when attempting to grow your mortgage company.

1. Provide Clear, Accessible Advice

When potential leads visit your mortgage company’s website, they should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for. If not, they leave — perhaps for a competitor’s site. Generating leads for mortgage companies requires providing clear, direct information up front that proves your expertise and trustworthiness to potential customers. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and gives visitors substantial details on the services you offer, the appropriate points of contact, and an FAQ area.

2. Invest in Your Online Marketing Strategy

It’s more important now than ever for mortgage companies to maintain a strong online presence that showcases what they can do for their customers. Adopting an online marketing strategy that meets your unique needs as a mortgage company is critical for long-term growth. Most businesses see dramatic growth when they outsource online marketing and lead generation to digital marketing experts.

Most mortgage companies get a ton of leads from a variety of sources – social, Google ads, website, purchased leads (, etc).  It is important to get all these leads to all flow into the CRM and get assigned immediately – even 5 minutes is too long a wait, you’ll lose to the competition.

3. See Customers as Long-Term Investments

Maintaining a good relationship with customers goes beyond converting leads to borrowers. One bad habit that often stunts mortgage company growth is the failure to see customers as long-term investments.

Businesses that nurture customer relationships after the initial sale find themselves with many returning customers. Keeping up with clients via email, social media, or direct mail keeps you on their radar for the next time they need your services.

4. Network With People Who Can Help You Grow

Although it takes time, nurturing relationships with professionals outside your company can help generate steady lead sources.

Developing connections with real estate agents, attorneys, certified public accountants and other people who can connect you with potential customers is essential for long-term growth. This practice can also help you understand the needs of your local community and determine what potential homebuyers in your area are looking for.

5. Choose the Right CRM Software

Generating leads won’t do mortgage companies much good if they don’t have a way to manage their customer relationships. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to solve this issue. CRM software enables companies to streamline their lead generation and management processes by housing lead information in one place. This way, your mortgage company can easily access information about potential customers and determine how to best continue pursuing them.

Improve Your Leads and Customer Relationships With LeadMaster

Lead generation for mortgage companies can be complex. Instead, you can simplify the process, grow a thriving customer base and maintain great customer relationships with LeadMaster. We’ve designed our lead management software with features like Click-to-Call and Fannie Mae compatibility that account for your needs as a mortgage company.

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