Mobile CRM advantagesWhat Is Mobile CRM?Smartphones and other mobile devices play a large role in most aspects of modern life, from how we communicate with one another to how we work. A significant amount of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, and as a result, businesses stand to gain a lot by incorporating a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platform into their business strategy.

It no longer makes sense to tie your sales teams to a desktop CRM platform. Adopting a mobile CRM platform can give your employees greater flexibility, boost your lead conversion rate and help your business establish an effective overall mobile strategy. Reading this article you’ll learn more about the advantages of using a mobile CRM platform.

A mobile CRM platform is a type of cloud-based software that gives your sales team access to customer relationship data and management tools through their mobile devices. This type of CRM allows you to find and update information from almost anywhere, whether you’re on your phone before a meeting or seated at your desk.

Why Is Mobile CRM Important?

Though mobile CRM software gives your sales team the same benefits as a traditional CRM — including lead tracking, marketing automation and easy updates using the microphone on the phone — it provides additional benefits for your business. With the ability to access and edit customer information from anywhere, every member of your team can work with the most accurate information, as data updates in real-time.

Mobile CRM allows employees to enter information in the field, reducing the likelihood they forget or remember incorrectly and increasing your data’s value and your ability to make sales. When the whole team is working in sync, you can capture more leads, convert leads more quickly and help provide the most value for your customers. In competitive fields, businesses can’t afford to pass up such an opportunity.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile CRM?

Utilizing your phone for CRMA mobile CRM platform is worth considering for your business, even if you’re happy with your current lead management system. Here are several benefits of choosing a CRM application with a mobile CRM option over a desktop only based option:

  • Cloud-based software is easier to install: Most mobile CRM platforms are cloud-based, making them much faster to set up when compared to a traditional desktop solution. Once you’ve configured the platform, employees can access it from any device. Updates install automatically, as well.
  • A mobile CRM platform integrates with other tools: Mobile CRM solutions such as LeadMaster integrate with third-party applications to make work easier wherever you are.
  • Mobile access keeps employees happy: With mobile access, employees have more flexibility in their jobs. They can work effectively from the office, the field, home or even from another country.
  • Mobile CRM makes way for the future: Moving to mobile CRM now can make it easier for your IT team to integrate the platform with customer-facing mobile apps in the future.

Ready to Start Using Mobile CRM at Your Business?

Mobile devices changed how we connect with the world. Now, they can revolutionize how your team handles sales. See the advantages of mobile CRM in action by requesting a free 30-day trial from LeadMaster.