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# of Contacts1,000/customer2,500 to 5,000/logon
based upon # of users
5,000 to 10,000/logon
based upon # of users
CRM & Lead Management
Pipeline ManagementRequires 1 Pro Logon
Email MarketingRequires 1 Pro Logon2,000 emails/month/logon
Landing PagesRequires 1 Pro Logon
Integrated Calendar
Smart Queue Call Management
iPhone & Android Mobile APPs
White Label

Additional Details

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Opportunity Management
Contact Management
Additional Contacts50,000/$100/month50,000/$100/month
Import ContactsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Quote Management
Custom Quote TemplatesRequires 1 Pro Logon
Help Desk - Case Management
Append DataRequires 1 Pro Logon
Export DataRequires 1 Pro Logon
Marketing AutomationLimitedLimited
Individual Emails
Drip Marketing / Lead Nuturing
Email Templates
Custom Email Servers
Role Based Security
Automated Lead AssignmentsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Territory & Lead AssignmentsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Landing Page TemplatesRequires 1 Pro Logon
Private Dashboards & Charts
Public Dashboards & Charts
Standard ReportsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Custom ReportsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Report SubscriptionsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Calendar Reminders
Outlook Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Gmail Plug-in
Office 365 Plug-in
File Storage1 GB per company.2 GB per user1 GB per user
Additional Storage1 GB/$5/month1 GB/$5/month
Files Attached to Records
Files Attached to Quotes
Library File Storage
Custom LabelsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Custom FieldsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Custom FormsRequires 1 Pro Logon
In-line FormsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Smart Forms
Web FormsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Custom ViewsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Automated WorkflowLimited
Opportunity Workflow AutomationLimited
Quote Workflow AutomationLimited
Case Workflow AutomationLimited
Quick ActionsLimited
Secure Password Requirements
Access Limited by IP
Private Label Logon Page
Website IntegrationRequires 1 Pro Logon
Email Parsing of LeadsThrough Zapier
HTTP Post for Leads
Web Form Integration for LeadsRequires 1 Pro Logon
Commission TrackingRequires 1 Pro Logon
Quota ManagementRequires 1 Pro Logon
Product CatalogRequires 1 Pro Logon
Case Owner
Case Assignee
Multiple Currencies
Product Discounting
Xtreme-Reports Business IntelligenceOptional up to 20,000 rowsOptional up to 20,000 rowsOptional up to 20,000 rows
Xtreme-Reports Additional Data100,000 rows/$100/month100,000 rows/$100/month100,000 rows/$100/month
Cloud Call CenterOptionalOptionalOptional
Website Visitor IDOptionalLimited & OptionalOptional
SMS Text MessagingOptionalOptional
PieSync IntegrationOptionalOptional - Requires 1 Pro LogonOptional
Zapier IntegrationOptionalOptional - Requires 1 Pro LogonOptional
Requires API User ID @ $50/mo
1,000 Calls per day
Additional API Calls$1/1,000 Calls per day