More Effective CRM Challenge

Lead Management

•Lead Capture •Lead Tracking •Lead Nurturing •Lead Distribution •Lead Scoring •Lead Analytics


Sales Management

•Sales Analytics •Role Permissions •Sales Team Hierarchy •Individualized Dashboards •Mobile & Tablet Access •Territory Management


Opportunity Management

•Opportunity Tracking •Opportunity Alerts •Opportunity Forecasting •Quote Management •PDF Quote Generator •Product Lists


Marketing Management

•Campaign Management •ROI Analytics •Landing Page Integration •Email Templates •Market Segmentation •Open & Click Alerts


Email Marketing

•Email Templates •Individual Emails •Mass Emails •Drip Marketing •Email Bounce Manager •Email History


Custom Forms

•Encrypted Fields •Website Integration •Inline Forms •Hyperlinked Forms •Field Call Scripts •Searchable Forms



•Page Layout •Homepage Layout •Fields and Labels •Message Board •Personalized Views •Multi-Language



•Marketing Automations •Business Rules •Sales Rep Reminders  •Date Based Workflow  •Milestone Triggers  •Automatic Emails & Text



•Custom Reports •Report Subscriptions •Sales Forecasting •Pipeline Reports •User Activity Reports •Performance Reports


Smart Queue

•Call Prioritization  •Priority Delivery •Automated Outbound Calling  •Integrated with VOIP  •One-Click Call List  •Customized Call Lists


Administration Panel

•Access to all Features  •Change Reference Tables  •Create Custom Forms  •Add Account Managers  •System Reports •Security Levels


Data Mining Tools

•Power Search  •Saved Searches  •Mass Email from Search  •Multi-record Update •Search Custom Forms  •Report on Search Results