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Your business needs a better way to attract, convert & retain customers

LeadMaster Features

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Track sales leads throughout the sales cycle from lead generation to closing the sale & beyond - so you'll know what's working, who's selling and who's buying with the click of a mouse.

Automate your lead management process with workflow automation and task management.

Enable your field sales, inside sales, resellers, partners and call center agents to optimize your marketing investment with LeadMaster.

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Private label the LeadMaster online lead tracking, sales management software & email marketing system and offer it as a value-add to your extended business team, including channel partners.

It's Easy to Learn, Most Reps Master 'LeadMaster' In About an Hour

LeadMaster's Lead Management / SFA CRM / Lead Tracking / Lead Nurturing / Email Marketing software is an easy, comprehensive way to manage customers, prospects and forecasts. And it's fast to learn. In just one hour, your team will be fluent in the language of LeadMaster!

Your sales and marketing staff will be organized and productive like never before because they'll be sharing information like never before.

Leads will be captured, tracked and followed up. Customers will notice the difference. So will you as sales and profits will respond accordingly.

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Sales Lead Management & Lead Tracking Software and People to Help You

Your company needs a complete yet easy-to-use online lead tracking software system - one that helps your sales people make more sales to more people in less time.

LeadMaster helps sales people get more done in less time with LeadMaster 'Click Action' buttons. These are user definable buttons that will do multiple actions with a single click of a mouse. For example, suppose you routinely send a thank you note with a white paper after an introductory phone call and then schedule a follow up call to discuss the paper the next week. Those activities can all be programmed to a single click of the mouse.

Many sales lead management software solutions take 'people' right out of the picture by offering nothing more than cloud computing software. 'Here's your password, off you go.' And that's not just cold, it's ineffective. Sales lead management software / lead tracking system without human expertise is just computer code.

LeadMaster is an Online Sales Lead Management System

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For those who need to track and manage sales leads & opportunities.

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Integrate your lead generation efforts by having website visitors, landing page submissions, email leads etc. flow directly into the LeadMaster lead management software in real time - automatically!

Email Marketing Included

Are E-Marketing and Lead Nurturing part of your Marketing Automation strategy? The competition charges big $$ for Marketing-Automation while LeadMaster gives you marketing automation and 10,000 free emails every month.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business. Companies around the globe uses LeadMaster to create professional looking, sophisticated email marketing campaigns.

LeadMaster sales management software helps you stay in touch with your customers and prospects so you'll be the first one who comes to mind when they're ready to buy. You also get lead nurturing, analytics & reporting to help you track leads and grow your business.

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See For Yourself - Webinar Every Other Tuesday

LeadMaster hosts a webinar to demonstrate the capabilities of the system every Tuesday at 2PM EST. Topics include: navigation, lead assignment, email marketing, lead nurturing and more. Click here for more info & to attend the meeting.

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LeadMaster's Software as a Service Saves You Money vs. On Premise Systems

In the world of SFA CRM solutions / online lead management software, you can pay up to $250 per month per user and a popular competitor advertises their most popular product at $125 per month.

Our SFA CRM, Lead Management Software & Email Marketing combination is just as versatile and robust as the leading brand but at a fraction of the cost. We impose no long-term contracts. And because you pay month by month, you control your spending.

Affordable. Feature-rich. Quick to deploy. Easy to learn. LeadMaster Partners there to help you if you need it. No Risk because it's free to try out for a full month!

Call today and your customized solution can be in place tomorrow. And your sales and marketing team can be up and running with LeadMaster in a matter of hours.



Smart Marketing Smart Marketing Wins

Whether you're a corporate marketing professional or an ad agency, you require effective yet easy-to-deploy tools that build sales pipeline. LeadMaster has the tools to succesfully automate your marketing.

Customized For You & Your Industry

LeadMaster is multiple solutions in one - Email Marketing, Lead Management Software, Opportunity Management, SFA & CRM with features like campaign management, Outlook integration and mobile access, workflow automation - all built-in, easy-to-use & affordable.

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LeadMaster is customizable for you and your industry. The field names, forms, dashboard charts and many other functions can be tailored to suit your unique way of doing business resulting in time savings for you and your team.

With LeadMaster you get feature-rich sales management software that is easy-to-use PLUS personal guidance from LeadMaster experts. LeadMaster Partners are with you from start to finish.

Or perhaps you'd rather do it yourself? No problem, check out our support library with videos, reference guides and tutorials.

Whether you're new to online lead tracking / SFA CRM / sales management software / lead management software or you're switching from another system - you'll like the personalization available with LeadMaster. We're here to help you succeed.

Capture Data from Web Visitors

LeadXtreme - it's like Caller-ID for the web. You drive traffic to your site, but less than 2% of visitors provide their contact information. How do you identify visitors if they aren't filling out one of your online forms.

The answer is LeadMaster LeadXtreme. Exreme provides detailed information about companies that visit your website, even when they don't identify themselves. Xtreme helps you convert that information into actionable leads, and it happens in real-time.

Sales Force Automation & Sales CRM

With LeadMaster's online SFA CRM sales lead management system, you won't have up front capital costs. There's no hefty investment in infrastructure, servers, networks and IT staff. Get the same features as our competitor's most popular version for 1/2 the price.

LeadMaster provides not only savings but agility as you no longer need to worry about installation, upgrades, maintenance, and software licensing. We do all that. You'll never be locked into an onerous long-term agreement so you can adjust your number of users month-by-month.

LeadMaster On the Air

LeadMaster's Russ King & Andy Brownell recently made a guest appearance on the Sales Lead Management Association Radio Show. Click here to listen to the show.