What Not to Do in Email Marketing

email marketingBusinesses that do successful email marketing comply with certain best practices. But there are also negative practices of direct email marketing you need to avoid. The following list shows you what you should never do with email marketing.

1. Formatting Emails for Laptop and Desktop Users Only

Today, about 80% of internet users have a smartphone. This means more than half of the emails you send out will be opened on mobile devices.

One of the worst blunders you can commit is forgetting about your mobile users. Design your emails for smaller screens. Use a responsive design that displays well on both small and large screens, from phones to tablets.

2. Breaking Anti-Spam Laws

You need to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 when you’re sending emails to recipients in the U.S. Also, make note of the anti-spam laws of Canada as of January 2015 and avoid breaking them.

Breaking anti-spam laws can easily get your domain banned by major email service providers like Gmail. Make sure you avoid providing false or misleading information. Always honor opt-outs and provide a valid postal address.

3. Failing to Plan Your Content

Some email marketers don’t like the tedious mental work involved in planning their email campaign. But you need to segment your list and plan your content. This is the best way to nurture your leads and move them through your sales funnel.

Content is a vital aspect of your emails, and the best way to deliver top-notch content is to discover what each segment of your audience needs first. Then, you can create content once on your website and send emails to introduce the content and get people to act on it. Making your content an afterthought can be disastrous in B2B marketing.

4. Sending Out Mails Without Previewing Them

Whether you’re designing emails for desktop or mobile users, you need to ensure they look good on all devices. Also, the links in your emails must work properly and the content must be free of typos.

Send a test message first and view it on a range of devices. Test all inbound links to web content and videos. Where possible, let another person proofread and check your test message before you do the final email blast.

5. Buying Other People’s Email Lists

Buying lists from list brokers may seem like a fast and easy way to start marketing your company or service. But you should never do it. Patronizing spammy email marketing services can ruin your campaign early.

Your domain could get banned for spam. If this happens, your emails will no longer be delivered. The best way to do email marketing is through an opt-in list. Only send emails to people who have had contact with you or your company and opted in by completing a form on your website.

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