sales pipelineKnowing how to successfully manage your sales pipeline can help you improve your processes and identify bottlenecks, allowing you to move more leads from initial contact to closed sales. No matter what industry you are in, knowing how to manage the sales pipeline and implementing what you know can allow you to project how many leads you need to meet your sales goals. Then, you can encourage more customers to finalize the sale.

These sales pipeline management tips can help:

  • Define Your Sales Pipeline: One of the first steps to improve your sales pipeline management is to define every single step it takes for you to find a customer and take that customer to a final sale. From lead generation to printing the receipt, list each step. Beside each step, list who at your organization is involved.
  • Have Processes in Place to Keep Things Moving: You cannot control whether a customer decides to buy or not, but you can control your pipeline. Set goals for every stage of the pipeline that you can control. For example, set a goal to contact a specific number of leads per week. Then, make a goal of contacting each lead within a specified period.
  • Use CRM to Keep Track of Essential Data: Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions let your entire team see at a glance where each customer is in the pipeline. It even allows you to gather metrics. You can identify quickly what steps you need to take next, then provide your sales team with the data they need to take that step.
  • Identify and Resolve Pain Points: As you gather information using CRM, set aside time to take a look at the metrics. Evaluate how many customers make it all the way to the end of the process and determine where in the process the leads stop progressing forward. After you have noted the bottlenecks, evaluate what may be causing them and tweak your system to resolve the issue. If leads fail to respond after getting a free estimate, for example, consider sending a follow-up email or call or redesign your invoice, so it includes not just the estimate but also a detailed list of everything customers will get when they buy from you.

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