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Since 1998 the LeadMaster Platform has been providing an All-In-One solution for CRM, lead management, marketing automation, email marketing, campaign management, web lead capture, call center sales and much more. LeadMaster helps companies sell more – from startup to Fortune 50 & everywhere in-between.

LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to sales, marketing and call center teams worldwide through its web-based LeadMaster CRM application. The company’s cloud-based application closes the loop between marketing and sales by tracking leads and opportunities in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. Combining CRM, sales force automation, marketing automation and virtual call center capabilities, LeadMaster helps companies pinpoint where leads are quickly converting into revenue in order to increase close ratios and maximize return on investment on marketing campaigns.

The All-in-1 Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, Lead Scoring, Email Marketing, CRM & SFA Solution

LeadMaster is an affordable web-based lead management system that provides sales and marketing solutions and provide top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The LeadMaster system takes data directly from landing pages into the lead management system and sends you an alert to let you know, ‘You’ve Got Leads!’.

LeadMaster provides web-based lead and campaign management as well as powerful tools for data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement.

Users can pass sales leads and other key marketing information via the web in real time to all members of the sales and marketing team, including predefined channel partners, sales representatives and field sales management. Working with LeadMaster through our SaaS (Software as a Service) model, you can have your sales and marketing team up and running with a web-based solution tomorrow.

Giving Back

  • America’s Vet Dogs, the Veterans K9 Corps, Inc.
  • Atlanta Community Food Bank
  • Carolina Patriot Rovers, Inc.
  • Charlotte Family Housing, Inc.
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute
  • CHRIS Kids, Inc.
  • Combat Veterans to Careers
  • Healing Paws for Warriors, Inc.
  • Medécins Sans Frontières
  • North Fulton Community Charities
  • Red Cross
  • Relatives, Inc.
  • SOS Children’s Villages International
  • StandUp for Kids
  • The Redfern Foundation
  • The Smith Family
LeadMaster Values
No Jerks Allowed
LeadMaster people are nice people. We work hard to help our customers grow their business. We value open communication, honesty, fairness and respect.
Effective before Cool
We make it work first and look cool second. If given the choice between only being able to do one of those – making it work for you wins every time.
Listen to Customer
Without customers there is no LeadMaster. Customers have shaped what LeadMaster is today. Most of what LeadMaster provides is the result of customer requests. Keep ’em coming.
Foster Entrepreneurship
Our number one resource is our people. We are surrounded by people who take ownership of their work and the challenges they face to help customers accomplish their goals.
LeadMaster Capabilities

Lead Management

  • Distribute, track and reassign leads in real time via the web
  • Manage multiple marketing campaigns
  • Develop custom fields and forms
  • Import leads from web forms and web inquiries directly into your own LeadMaster database
  • Tailor privileges to each individual user or user group
  • Download customized mailing lists

Data Mining

  • Perform market research analysis on key customers and prospects
  • Analyze ROI from marketing campaigns
  • Build and maintain a complex data mart
  • Download highly targeted mailing lists
  • Produce powerful call back, lead aging and forecast reports


  • Establish a ‘Private label’ website for your online marketing database
  • Use the Event Tracker to publicize upcoming events
  • Set e-mail notification for leads that are reassigned or require action
  • Share key campaign updates on the secure online Information Center
  • Host online event registration in cooperation with the LeadMaster Service Bureau
  • Store comments and additional information within the specific lead record
  • Gather and analyze feedback on leads from field reps
  • Import telemarketing scripts into searchable fields
LeadMaster Benefits

Web-based Lead Management

  • Close the loop between sales and marketing functions
  • Simplify lead distribution with automatic reassignment and rules-based lead management
  • Expand and nurture the sales pipeline

Data Analysis

  • Uncover unseen opportunities
  • Increase accountability throughout the sales process
  • Generate meaningful feedback on the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Empower managers with advanced data mining and reporting capabilities
  • Target decision-makers for seminars and direct mail
  • Measure and maximize ROI

Enhanced Communication

  • Improve communication between sales and marketing teams
  • Refine marketing and sales decision support
  • Strengthen relationships with key business partners
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
LeadMaster Advantages

Powerful Simplicity

  • Easy to use, intuitive browser-based interface
  • No IT involvement necessary
  • Rapid deployment
  • Data is safe and secure

SaaS Affordability

  • No software or hardware investment
  • No long-term contracts
  • Requires no costly IT expenditures or consultants
  • Per-user fee structure means you pay only for what you need
  • Easy to use application requires only one hour of training for most people

Amazing Flexibility

  • Responsive to your campaign needs, including custom forms and fields
  • Scalability allows you to add new users quickly and easily
  • Personalized access privileges deliver the right data to the right people
  • Designed for easy import of telemarketing scripts and leads captured online
  • Works in concert with other popular applications
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