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Virtual Call Center &
Call Center Solutions

In-bound, Out-bound, Click-to-Call, Power-Dialing, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Reporting

Whether you have a call center up and running or are starting up a virtual call center, the LeadMaster Call Center Solutions can help you build your business by streamlining call center operations. Call us today and you can be up and running tomorrow 800-699-4164.

Benefits of the LeadMaster system include:

  • Cost Savings
    • Pay per agent - you only pay for what you use
    • Quick deployment
    • integration with Lead Management / CRM system
  • Online infrastructure offers flexibility and scalability
    • No lengthy implementation or set-up process
    • Quick time-to-market for new projects & agents
    • Expand or contract quickly reducing overhead
  • Lead Management + CRM + Integrated Telephony
    • All you need is a web browser
    • No IT staff
    • No data center
    • No capital costs
  • Intuitive interface reduces training time
    • Get agents productive quickly
    • Improves job satisfaction
    • Let's the caller focus on the job, not the tool
  • Custom call scripts that you create record info in the CRM
    • Easily created in - no programming required
    • Change calling programs quickly
    • Guide agents & track responses

Deliver Results and Cost Savings with the LeadMaster Virtual Call Center

Many virtual call centers are taffed by home-based agents, offering a cost-effective business model for prospecting as well as interacting with current customers and business partners.

Agents from all over the world can log into LeadMaster via the Internet. With LeadMaster you can monitor and manage their activites.

All calls are placed through the LeadMaster online CRM system, offering all of the tracking, reporting and data mining capabilities in a single solution.

The LeadMaster online system provides a hosted solution for your remote call center team to support a variety of inbound and outbound campaigns.

Call 800-699-4164 to find out how
LeadMaster can help you

Whether you are just starting a call center, you need to add a remote office or you have an existing office and infrastructure we can implement a solution that is tailored for your company and situation. We'd be happy to talk with you about a call center solution for your individual needs.

Call for a free quote 800-699-4164

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