What is Lead-Xpress?

Lead-Xpress is essentially a simplified version of LeadMaster, available at the industry's lowest prices ever. The concept is simple. Most sales reps only use the CRM to receive and update leads. Why pay for a complete CRM license for the sales organization if all they're going to use it for is receiving and updating leads.

Who would benefit from using Lead-Xpress?

Lead-Xpress is built for companies that work with channel partners, that provide leads to external agents and that employ distributed workforces.

It is also intended for businesses that want to lower the cost of CRM for those users who simply use it to receive and update leads.

So if you want to manage your sales leads and you’d like to lower costs, you NEED Lead-Xpress.

How does Lead-Xpress work?

People who have a LeadMaster logon, like sales managers and marketing managers, may assign leads to “Lead-Xpress users.” Once assigned a new lead, Lead-Xpress users receive an email notice with a brief form to update the status of the lead. So lead recipients can provide updates directly from the email or from a hyperlinked web form.

How Much is it?

Monthly Lead-Xpress subscriptions start at $10 per user. But if you’re a lead provider for a wide number of recipients with very few going to the same person twice, you can provide access at $2 or less per outgoing lead! The choice is yours, and it can be in your hands at the click of a button.

What’s more, mobile access through any web-enabled phone is included, saving you time, and letting reps update lead status instantly!

Major Features and Benefits

  • Lowest prices ever.

    • Now you, your partners, clients and agents can afford to maintain one system throughout the sales channel. No more missing leads. No more manual tracking.

  • Save time updating leads.

    • With Lead-Xpress, managers no longer have to hound reps for lead updates, with 2 clicks in the system they can send as many update requests as needed, saving them time to engage more prospects.

  • Maintain crucial features.

    • Unlike other CRMs that tone down functionality with lower prices, you can maintain your Enterprise-level access to the system while drastically reducing the price you pay for Lead-Xpress users.

  • Simplify the system for your reps.

    • Now that reps can fill out a simple form directly emailed to them, it’s easier and faster for them to update leads, resulting in more data that’s more accurate and current.

  • Accurate data/analytics in real-time.

    • With more accurate data, analytics and forecasts are all the more precise, enabling executives to make informed, successful decisions.

  • Access to cool features.

    • Since Lead-Xpress users are still considered account managers in the system, they have access to cool LeadMaster-specific features, like scheduled callbacks/appointments, receiving text message alerts to new leads and mobile access – all at no extra cost!

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