March 2011
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After a recent conversation with a customer, I realized that many of our customers don't know about many of our new features. So here, in condensed form is a brief summary of some of the latest developments.  The headline for each section is a link to our blog where new features are posted.
Google Calendar Synchronization – The LeadMaster calendar can synchronize with the Google calendar automatically.  To enable the ‘Sync with Google Calendar’ option simply enter your Google calendar username and password on the ‘User Settings’ page.  This is a great feature for inside sales teams that are setting appointments for sales and service reps.
Report Subscriptions – Subscriptions are available for custom reports.  A report subscription can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly.  A report subscription is delivered via email in one of the following ways: 1) As an attachment to the email message, 2) As a link in the body of the email message or 3) In the body of the email message.

Lead-Xpress - Lead-Xpress allows you to request updates to a record from the assigned rep via email.  The rep can then update the record via the email or a link.  The major benefit is the assigned rep doesn’t have to a) login to the CRM to update the records or b) pay for a login to the CRM.

New Interface for Lead Nurturing - Lead Nurturing moved to the E-Marketing section.  So now you’ll find Lead Nurturing both the way you’ve been using it and in E-Marketing.  Creating Lead Nurturing tracks is as easy as 1-2-3.  The menus are 1) Create / Manage Lead Nurturing Tracks, 2) Add Contacts to Lead Nurturing Tracks and 3) Report on Lead Nurturing Tracks.
Task Manager - Task management adds a time-based business rules feature for managing leads. Tasks have a condition that must be satisfied in a certain timeframe.  If the condition is not satisfied, one or more actions associated with the task can be triggered.  For example, if the lead isn’t accepted within 1 minute and updated within 5 minutes, it automatically gets reassigned and an email is sent to the sales manager.
Workflow & Task Management Based Upon Lead Assignment - This enhancement adds the ability to use a rep assignment as part of the condition for a workflow process or task completion.  Now a sales manager will be able to use workflow to tell them that a lead has or has not been assigned and they’ll be able to add pre-programmed follow-up actions.
Suspend Automation - With the release of the Task Manager and the implementation of business rules it is sometimes necessary to turn rules on or off.  For example, during the busy season you may need to relax your Task Manager rule that all leads are followed up within 5 minutes.
E-Marketing - The E-Marketing menus provide an easy-to-use interface for accessing everything you need to create, send and report on email marketing campaigns.
Workflow Automation Text Messaging - One of the best ways to improve your closing ratio is to improve your lead response time.  Don’t let new leads sit in your lead management system for hours or days – get those out to your reps right away with workflow automation.  Simply assign the record based upon the territory or lead value or whatever, send a text message along with the lead and your sales reps can have prospects on the phone less than 60 seconds after they click the submit button.
Lead-Xtreme – Your website visitor information flows right into LeadMaster even when your website visitors don’t fill out a form.  You’ll be able to see their:  Company Name, the City & State they’re located in, the Date / Time they visited the website, what site they were referred from, if referred by a search engine you’ll see the Keywords and the IP address they came from.
HTTP POST / GET - Workflow Automation has a new feature which adds a new action that allows a record to be “sent” to another application via an HTTP GET/POST operation.  This is available as both a Workflow Action and as a Task Manager result.  An enhancement to this feature is in development that will allow sending leads from LeadMaster to Salesforce.
Outlook Synchronization – It now supports Outlook 2010.  LeadMaster users may sync LeadMaster and Outlook contacts bi-directionally, log email correspondence in their LeadMaster database and sync calendar activities back and forth between LeadMaster and Outlook.
Tab Settings Maintained –The tabs are available on the sales update page, edit profile page, view profile page, opportunities page, contacts page and quotes page.  You can decide which view you like best – everything on a single page or everything in tabs.  When you select ‘view tabs’ it selects the tab view for all pages and stays that way until you change it, even between logons.
Here are some additional features you may want to use.

We post all new features to the blog.  The blog also contains a search engine so if you don’t see what you’re looking for you can use the search function in the upper right hand corner to find it.  You can subscribe to the blog either via RSS or you can request an email for each update.

Until next month…good selling.

Andy Brownell



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