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Sales Force Automation

What is Sales Force Automation (SFA)?

SFA is a component of Sales CRM. Sales CRM encompasses other areas such as sales lead management, marketing automation, workflow automation and email marketing. Many of these same features are incorporated into SFA.

At the heart of LeadMaster is a Sales CRM system. However, it was designed with sales and marketing people in mind so it truly is one of the easiest SFA systems on the market. All of the information a sales rep will want to access is usually within 2 clicks of the mouse.

Why use Sales Force Automation?

Besides the obvious answer, that it will make sales reps more efficient, save time and improve productivity there are some not so obvious reasons. For example, many sales forces have multiple representatives calling on the same customer. SFA helps coordinate communication with the customer. Over communicating can irritate a prospect or customer.

Here's an example of how that can happen. A sales team might have a field sales rep, a sales engineer, a marketing support representative, an inside sales representative, a technical specialist, an industry expert, a solutions expert and all of their management working inside the same account. Imagine that company came out with a new product and all 7 representatives sent the customer the new product announcement. Now imagine that same customer also getting the same information from the product marketing, industry marketing, solutions marketing, vertical marketing and field marketing organizations. Can you see how that might be irrritating to the customer?

SFA and LeadMaster in particular provides the sales organization with tools to improve communication with propsects until they are ready to buy using lead nurturing. A prospect can be set up on a lead nurturing track in the CRM where they receive informative emails on a regular basis.

To be truly effective all customer interaction should be logged in the SFA system. However, some SFA systems make entering information not worth the trouble. For example, it takes 12 clicks for a sales rep to record that they left a voice mail in If it isn't as easy as email, the reps won't willingly use it. It has to add value. 12 clicks to log a voice mail isn't adding value, it's adding pain.

LeadMaster has been providing sales force automation solutions to customers for more than 10 years. It is a robust application with many powerful features, yet it is easy to use.

Click here to send us an email and we'll send you a user ID & password to our system so you can see for yourself just how easy it is to manage your leads with LeadMaster.Free 30-day trial - no strings attached.

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