Lead Management, Lead tracking, Lead capture, Lead Distribution, Lead IntegrationFrom basic lead management software to robust CRM and Marketing Automation, LeadMaster provides everything you need, all in one easy-to-use cloud-based software tool.

Many companies simply need an affordable, easy-to-deploy Lead Tracking and Lead Management solutions. Other firms are looking to manage their entire sales and marketing automation process. LeadMaster’s cloud-based CRM software application addresses both requirements at an affordable cost.

Key application features within LeadMaster can easily be turned on or off based upon specific customer needs. This approach allows clients to use what they need today while allowing them to take advantage of more advanced CRM features as their requirements expand.

lead management Lead Management
Lead Tracking
Lead Capture (email, web…)
Lead Nurturing
Lead Distribution
Lead Scoring
Lead Aging
Lead Analytics

custom forms Sales Management
Sales Analytics
Role Permissions
Sales Team Hierarchy
Individualized Dashboards
Territory Management
Mobile Access
Offline Access
email marketing Email Marketing
Email Templates
Individual Emails
Mass Emails
Lead Nurturing
Email Bounce Manager
Alternate Email Server Option
Emails Attached to Contact
10,000 Monthly Free Emails
customization Customization
Fields and Forms
Homepage Configuration
Page Layout
Advanced Personalization
Message Board

opportunity management Opportunity Management
Opportunity Tracking
Quote Management
PDF Generator
Product Catalog

marketing automation Business Automation
Business Rules Automation
Workflow Automation
Task Management Automation
Lead Distribution
Follow-up Reminders
marketing management Marketing Automation
Campaign Management
Email Campaigns
Lead Nurturing Campaigns
Open / Click Notification
ROI Analytics
Landing Page Integration
Email Leads Integration

reporting Reporting
User Summary Reports
Group Summary Reports
Report Subscriptions
Custom Reports
Key Performance Indicators
Sales Forecasting
Pipeline Reports
User Activity Reports
Group Activity Reports
Standard Reports
Management Reports
Analytics Snapshots
Campaign ROI Reports
custom forms Custom Forms
Easy to Define Custom Forms
User Definable Fields
Call Scripts
Website Integration

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The success of your business depends on driving sales revenue. But the process between lead generation and closing sales can be filled with issues where leads fall through the cracks and aren’t followed up by the sales team.

Not only are those sales lost, but also marketing dollars are wasted. The LeadMaster web-based sales and marketing system, provides lead tracking in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. It pinpoints where leads are quickly converting into revenue – and where they're not – to improve future decision-making. The easy-to-use cloud computing application integrates sales and marketing efforts across the enterprise, including business partners, call center representatives and the sales channel.

LeadMaster Lead Tracking and Opportunity Tracking Ensures Timely Lead Follow-up

As leads are enter the system, they are automatically assigned to reps and partners, with email notifications to alert them to the new opportunities.

As leads are followed up, a journal of sales activity is maintained for each opportunity, with areas for reps to provide valuable feedback, set callback reminders and more.

Managers can track the progress of every lead and evaluate user activity, introducing increased accountability and transparency into the sales process.

LeadMaster Sales Force Automation is Sales Friendly

Training for sales people usually takes less than an hour and if they're using Lead-Xpress training takes less than 5 minutes.

Most functions in the system have customizable shortcuts so sales reps can get in an out quickly. To update a record saying you left a voicemail takes 12 clicks in one of the most popular CRMs, whereas in LeadMaster it's only 3 clicks.

LeadMaster E-Marketing is Built-In

E-marketing is the most cost effective form of marketing available today. With LeadMaster it's built in. You'll be able to track who has opened your messages, who has clicked on your links and which links they've clicked on.

The standard reports even show you how your messages have been received over time. Because email marketing is integrated with the CRM system it's easy to send a newsletter, announce a sale, promote an event, create a survey and more. LeadMaster even provides professional looking templates to help you get started.

LeadMaster Marketing Automation Including Robust Analysis and Reporting

Tracking leads and opportunities is only part of the equation in a successful sales and marketing strategy. These efforts mean little if you don’t have the tools to measure the results.

By providing intuitive data mining and reporting tools, our system allows you to quickly analyze your data. Find out instantly which leads are being followed up (and which are not). Determine which campaigns are generating the most qualified leads and closed sales to help pinpoint the most profitable programs. Generate a wide variety of reports, including sales forecasts, and email them to other team members. Create highly targeted lists of decision-makers for seminars, webinars and email campaigns.

LeadMaster Cloud-Computing Software as a Service

Developing and/or deploying an application can be an expensive proposition that takes a significant investment of time and resources. The LeadMaster application is delivered through a subscription-based cloud-computing model. Eliminating local servers, network hardware, software, consultants and data center staff means significant cost savings. All you need to use the
system is a web browser. For an affordable monthly fee you can be up and running in hours. LeadMaster is also available as a private label solution so that you can make it your own.

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